Russia to give citizenship to 10 million Central Asians

Racial Armageddon is finally coming for Russia.

A new law passed unanimously in the Duma (yes pic related voted for this crap) will give Russian citizenship to up to 10 million people in Central Asia "in order to fight demographical crisis".

Russia has officially entered into (((21st century)))

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You have to be retarded to think "citizenship" is an equivalent to birth rates of the people responsible for said citizenship.

>Russian-speaking populations in the former Soviet republics, to obtain Russian passports as the country tries to fix its demographic crisis.

It's literally nothing, this is like the slav sudetten crisis part 1.

holy fuck russia is going to import pajeets too... lol

Ricial Armageddon

central Asia your mutt retard
that means Turkmen or white Russians in exile
what the fuck is wrong with your kinds mental ability. Why does your people seem physically unable to think properly?

>it's literally nothing

It's practically the entire muslim Turkic/Mongolian population in Central Asia. Do the math. Everybody speaks some Russian in those places.

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Russian girls have a weird fetish for Asian.
If you search AMWF couples on Instagram you will see 90% of time that the girl is Russian/Ukrainian

so what do italian girls have a fetish for?

We got leftover natives and rape baby stanese that looks like natives in those shitholes, racial armaggedon canceled in Russia

it's part of the border plan for RU main/inner circle, there's too much demographic from eastern side who are overwhelmingly muslim , they need the Asians to balance things out. getting their support would be easier.

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They have the fetish of being the most pretentious girls in Europe

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>If you search AMWF couples on Instagram you will see 90% of time that the girl is Russian/Ukrainian
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The law is just allowing dual citizenship. Since I’m having kids with a Russian woman, our kids will have this.

Now that Russia’s economy is shit, migrants don’t even come anymore. Immigration is at record lows


>Citizens of Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan

So the only central Asian country that gets this is Kazakh

russians from those countries could already easily obtain citizenship, it's for the actual central asians
they're importing millions of muslims and you're just in denial

Russia... What are you doing ? You really want to splice with sociopathic bugmens ?

Fuck this shithole, I want to escape

Slowly tries to recapture the Soviet union

Literally the first couple I have found searching amwf

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There is no cope. Interracial couples of any kind will always exist. AMWF is literally the least common of any kind even though Asian men have wads of cash and are desperate for white women. You will never be loved or sexually desired for anything other than you green. Sorry bro.

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I guess you are a slav/Russian living in Canada since you are so triggered

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The more time passes, the more I tend to realise that Belarus will probably be the last white country in a century.

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