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Worldwide Support for President Kim Il Sung (North Korean Propaganda Film)

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Get your Best Korean Waifu

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Go to bed

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Realistically if Jong-un is dead when will DPRK announce it? I would have thought they would have said something by now.

weekend uwu
Midday here user

i mean i going to bed

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is confirmed that kim is hiding because of corona
pointless thread
mods do your fucking job

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let's goooo

might as well

The problem with the west today is that we've let primitive authoritarians have control of "comedic" methods of abusing the public. We've let a "funny" framing control our integrity on a tissue-thin implementation.

North Korea is just not "funny" enough to take part. Same for a few other countries. Venezuela, for instance. Its' leaders suffer greatly for the sincerity with which they evaluate ideas.

The market relies on integrity, so what is left for government? When has the public even tolerated government integrity, when it would so reshape our society? It's not as though nobody can think of any improvements to the system. We have simply yielded to a period of relatively stagnant governance, where corrupt participants are prizing stagnation over bringing our society to new standards for the implementation of emerging technologies.



He rat his hiddin summer home now for hidden from plagued covid he doing ok.

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Music bump.

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Who is the girl from Indonesia?

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Uh oh propaganda showing old footage of Kim when he was skinny.

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So I thought Kim would show up for Labour Day. It's all suspicious now...

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