>"My countries coronavirus death count is better than your coronavirus death count."

Will you guys listen to yourselves? You sound like fucking Sheeple comparing death counts between countries and ignoring the obvious fact that this fucking CCP virus is killing people from EVERY country.

Wake the fuck up, take a step back, and stop comparing fucking body counts and start asking the fucking important question which is 'how the fuck did this happen?'.

How are you not fucking infuriated with China right now?!

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CCP: Coronavirus Coverup & Propaganda

No, China did a good job eliminating the virus and China is now perfect again. No COVID-19 in China. China is back to work.

And now China has to protect it from the rest of the world who has not done a good job with economies or eliminating COVID-19. China even has sent respirators and masks to the rest of the world because they too stupid to have supplies. Also they have sent masks even to America.

Donald Trump has done a bad job. This is his fault not China. China did everything right and is trying to help even now. You thank China. China is your friend and you need friend.

>CCP Virus
Its great that Karma strikes regularly at offender. First US suffered from 9/11, by terrorrists they created. And now it suffers most from Virus it developed and tried to unleash on China to weaken it.

Karma is a bitch.

What the fuck? Fuck off, retard.

You need noose

If you refer to COVID-19 as the CCP Virus (which is accurate), the paid CCP shills start crawling out of the sewer drains.

>ccp virus
>USA has most infections
>USA has most deaths
>USA has all haplotypes of corona virus
>USA was reporting flu like illness in previous fall

Someone got bushed

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None of these things discredit the absolute known fact that this fucking virus originated from the Hubei province of China, then proceeded to fuck up EVERYONES spring, including mine and yours. Stop trying to turn this into the usual anti-establishment/american agenda. Its such a predictable trope. Look at the facts.

>Mutt about to take over Italy in terms of infections per population
>"S-stop comparing countries i-it is mean and inhuman!"

Like poetry

Yeah. We should trust a goverment and media that in absolute 100% of cases, without exception, are shamelessly lying about everything. Just not now!

The international community is in agreement on this one, Chang. This has nothing to do with the US state-run media.

There is literally not a single credible source that this CCP Virus originated anywhere OTHER than China. You would need to be an absolute hermit or pushing your own agenda in order to refute this.

The international community is in agreement in where it was first deployed as bio weapon. Nothing else.

US is the only country that actively continues to develop combat viruses (and usually those labs are placed abroad).

The first incident happened surprisingly with US troops being present in Uhan for military exchanges. The first traces of virus, lead a whole year earlier to US.

Now US tries to use virus agenda still to weaponize it and start war with China or otherwise force its illegal means.

Lack of evidence never stopped USA from claiming any kind of bullshit. It was supposed to be a convenient attack to weaken Chinese economic, too bad it backfired.

“China lied, people died!”

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Pic tangentially related

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If Nature Medicine says it came from China, it fucking came from China

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yeah, the american virus really is the worst
USA and Israel need to pay reparations

Nice bait Chang

Then why was Shi Zhengli working with these exact coronavirus strains at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (the only BS4 lab in China) for the last 15 years? Additionally, there is another BS2 handling coronavirus in Wuhan, much closer to the accused origin wet market. Wouldn't a more likely scenario be do to malfeasance?

Ching chang chong ching choong

Checked and correct!

shhhh dont upset chang with facts ;-)

I'm all for letting you investigate the USA Origin claim if you let us inspect the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

>Then why was Shi Zhengli working with these exact coronavirus strains at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (the only BS4 lab in China) for the last 15 years?
Nothing a like. Ironically, no on in Wuhan lab is infected still. Meanwhile in US...

Why did it occur when US participated in military game in Wuhan? Why one of first to suffer were troops on US Aircarriers and even lol minister of defence? Why were there so many deaths in US prior that were categarized as Influenza deaths? Why does US has MULTIPLE Corona strains, some absent in China?

You fucked up. Wanted a covert op and fucked up badly. As usual.

For all of you people not hip to whats going on, or being buried by the false narrative -- The US is completely open to any sort of investigation to determine if COVID-19 originated in the US. However, China will not cooporate with the international community at ALL regarding the investigation of the origins of the CCP Virus within China.

>The US is completely open to any sort of investigation
How nice to be naive and know litterally nothing about own country and its conduct. You`d at least think before posting it. Now after -think again to realize the bullshit you posted.

US is the most closed about pretty much anything, both to UN organizations let alone other countries. Its also shit on all threaties, ones regarding viral weapons as well.

>the virus caused the current situation

No, the retarded reaction to coronavirus ruined our economy. China has jack shit to do with that.

Thats because....They're hiding something. Guilty as fuck...lairs and cowards.

Chinese basically.

If China has nothing to hide...why are they hiding info?
Would of worked in their favour if the had real evidence of it coming from US.

But they dont.

And you know it Fu Man Flu

Which info is China hiding? Its the same kind of accusations as Brits had against Russia or claims that Russia hacked US elections.

You eat the bullshit told to you in media without chewind.

Speaking strictly on the matter of the CCP Virus, the US is a victim. I know that it is funny to hear that, because we are such an aggressor and a bully in most matters, but if we are talking COVID-19, every country but CHINA is a victim, and you folks need to start understanding that.

>develop a virus (second time by the way)
>deploy it to weaken economic enemy
>it backfire
we didnt nothing! we victim!

I don't need media to know that dead chinks in January, followed by dead mutts in April would lead most people to believe that this thing started with chinks in December.

No one is ever going to believe that, Chang. You just don't understand how absurdly ridiculous it sounds from any perspective other than your own. We were already destroying your economy with our tariffs. Its just nonsense. No one would benefit.

You guys realize that blaming China is just a form of narrative control, right?

It affirms the supposed deadly nature of coronavirus when in actual fact it’s not that dangerous of a disease. Social media sites have already said they’ll delete posts that downplay the alleged seriousness of coronavirus. Very few authority figures have taken the position that the virus isn’t as deadly as the main stream narrative purports it to be (inb4 schizo; the same thing happened with the war in Iraq and WMD).

The real happening is the hysterical reaction that destroyed the world economy. It’s literally “the worst economy ever” according to the Fed Chairman. When you step back and observe from the outside, it’s pretty obvious that the virus didn’t cause the catastrophe and never would have. It’s an objective reality but a minority standpoint, as the narrative is being controlled by people with various agendas.