Help me understand

help me understand

out of all the people, Dems choose to run against Trump with a guy who's brain is literally melting in front of our eyes, who's got serious rape allegation and who has terrible track record in terms of policies.

do they want to lose? what a fuck is going on?

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Imagine thinking trump will actually win lol

>Imagine believing it matters who wins.

We live in a fallen world and a sick society.

That accuser is still claiming shes voting Biden. This whole thing is fishy.

Its because southern Democratic black voters are fucking idiots with literal 85 IQs.
Really thats the reason. All the Black voters in the South voted for Biden in the primaries because "he was with Obama".

And also because Biden was the last guy who could take out Sanders. So all the ant-Sanders people rallied around him.
What surprises me the most is how much the DNC establishment hates Sanders.

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yes. they want trump to stay in power because hes a friend to big business and all the rich fucks who are really running the show are fine right now. they put on a show for the public to try to keep hate going against him but in truth its all weak and pointless.

It's not hard to figure out that someone has been paving way for Trump to be their man. The question is who is it.

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Both major parties only pour funding and personnel support to the campaigns of those who have sold their souls to the financial interests, that in turn keep them being reelected.
Those same mentioned major financial interests, plenty of them if not most, are not tied down to one party of the other. They'd rather "lose" slightly for four years than risk seeing a major change in the existing state of affairs.
Backing anyone but their Chosen One for any particular election, would be just that.
Joe Biden, seems to be who the billionaires want. Maybe they do want him to just lose.

The only point of this election was to stop Sanders. It's really that simple.

I think you meant the reply to OP, in case you didn’t notice I have the I don’t care flag

Biden was not asleep in that video. Biden is a terrible candidate just as Hillary and will require 24/7 protection from the corporate media and DNC. Biden can not withstand even slight pressure as Kamala Harris proved early in the primaries

All that said Biden can easily win as long as the corporate media networks carry water for his campaign which they are more than happy to do and as long as Trump continues to fuck up at every goddamn opportunity. Biden is trash but with multiple multi-billion dollar media corporations working 24/7 to covering his ass and ensuring Democrats stay in line he can make it to November with a 50/50 chance of winning

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Pay no attention to the misinformation. Vote Joe Biden for President.

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Threadly reminder that Biden has more footage of him molesting kids publicly available than Jimmy Savile does.

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>do they want to lose?

They don't expect to win or they would have resurrected Hillary.

There is no question that if Biden wins, he will not live past February 2021. They will not allow someone with dementia to control the US military and its nukes.

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What happened to the other Tara REID?

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It was him or Bernie. You don't want Bernie as a president, do you?

Fuck me, everyone ITT is outrageously stupid. Keep ignoring the mountain of evidence that they're going to swap Biden for Hillary at the convention! Yep, sure will be Trump v Biden!

How about neither?

Democrats are retards. It's a party full of diversity hires. Low IQ people that only survive through parasitism. The only reason people vote for Democrats is for free shit.

There are no democrats left. It's just socialists, marxists, anarchists, nutty environmentalists.

Don't google her. Trust me, just don't. If you do, be sure to have plenty of eye bleach on hand.

I think most likely Biden will bow out, citing medical reasons, and they'll nominate someone else (not Bernie), but I don't think it'll be Hillary.

My guess is it'll be whoever Biden picks as his VP nominee. The media will hype that person up for a few months so that Democrats will not be as outraged when the switcheroo happens.

>The media will hype that person up for a few months so that Democrats will not be as outraged when the switcheroo happens.
Sounds familiar.

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>I think most likely Biden will bow out
Do you honestly think the Democrats would allow that? I just do not see the double down no matter what Democrats admitting defeat with Biden. Just as with Hillary they are willing to lose by running a terrible candidate than to admit their candidate was trash and knowing Trump/Republicans will destroy them for backing down

The Biden replacement would be just as shitty as him.

If that actually happens, Trump could take all 50 states. Hardly anyone is going to vote for some last second replacement.

It's going to be Hillary. Biden was a useful tool to destroy Bernie, and now the guy that wielded the dagger will get shivved in turn.

If Hillary outright stole the nomination from Bernie again, as happened in 2016, there would have been riots.

Now, she has plausible deniability. Biden did it, but had to drop out because he's not a well man.

Hillary's just using the rape charges her henchmen dug up to hurry Biden out of the race.

>do they want to lose?
>what a fuck is going on?
they dont give a shit what happens as long as they stopped sanders. The democratic party is right wing and they would rather have trump again than an actual left wing candidate that poses a threat to their wealthy donors to the party apparatus.


>implying any dem candidate this time around is serious anyway
They're all throwaways because the dems know this one is a lost cause, they have nobody capable of holding their own with Trump in a debate.

And you know Hillary and her machine is behind these rape charges because big media is pushing them, which they absolutely wouldn't be otherwise. In 2004, they sat on the "Swiftboat Veterans for Truth" accusations for 3-4 months, while Kerry's poll data plummeted despite their silence, before Kerry finally was forced to address it.

They sure are putting a lot of money and propaganda into a "throwaway". The Democrats are losers, but like all good parasites, they will still fight to survive.