This seems like the perfect place for a White ethnostate

What's it like living here?
Cooler weather, mountains, lots of water, beautiful environment, far from niggers.. seems so nice there.

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fuck off we're full

>lol full of niggers



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I agree.

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If those aren't "White man, come home", I don't know what is.

All of that area you posted in the map is amazing. Argentina/Chile should have been the #1 colonization priority in the new world.

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>Argentina/Chile should have been the #1 colonization priority in the new world.
still can be

Have you been there before?

kek even locals tell you it sucks, its full of nigs and its only increasing, but ok i will let you to your delusions

>Argentina/Chile should have been the #1 colonization priority in the new world.
Jews have known this for years. Read about "Plan Andinia".


>even locals tell you it sucks, its full of nigs and its only increasing
Of course they are going to say anything to prevent mass White immigration.

>not a tree in sight let alone a forest
What kind of German are you

can we build a city-state here?

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>I'm not even going to look at the other pictures.
>t. average Bosnian IQ

>difficult to access for niggers and spics due to all the water around it
It's a good starting point.

>pic 1, 2, and 3 almost no vegetation
>pic 4 some greenery in what appears to be a valley
Looks like crap

>implying mass migration in a non white land is good
yeah because creating a shittier version of argentina in the south is completely goignt to magically fix everything. at that point just mass emigrate to africa, thats going to be the same

Our first colonisation force can leave from the Falkland Islands. Niggers will be deported to Brazil, rebellious Argentines and Chileans will be either deported or imprisoned, and the muttoid Argeniggers (Which probably make up a large percent of the population, I'm not sure) will also be deported to either join the favelas or some other muttoid Latin American nation. Chile and Argentina will become new white havens

>he doesn't know about the storms

That's a great plan!
Who's your colonization force by the way? How will you supply them? Do you have the logistics worked-out just yet? How will you prevent yourself from being stopped by the powers that be?

Right, you're just fantasizing like an armchair general because you likely had an interest in strategy games once.

While I admire the enthusiasm, were much better off working to secure our own countries first. Our native white populations are growing more and more anti-immigrant by the day, and as more and more boomers die off this decade (which, despite tempting to some, should not be celebrated by us for a number of reasons) we will see a shift towards continued anti-immigrant resentment. Compare where we are now to where we were in 2010, at least in terms of sentiment.

There will be a breaking point. You don't need to worry about blissful normies, the don't "drive" anything, they just follow strength. Remember Hitler's support before he took over parliament never exceeded (I believe) 20%.

The Southern Cone will follow the example we set in our countries, it's our job to be inspirations to them. Whether it's through taking over the courts, mass strikes, or perhaps even secession or civil war, things are still very much in-play.

Just look at the United States for example. White southerners are overwhelmingly ready, and have been for a long time. White midwesterners are ready, flyover resentment of coastal, cosmopolitan elites is at an all-time high. White (and some hispanic, might I add) southwesterners are livid at the Californization of their previously frontier-libertarian-skewed homes. White blue-collars in the Rust Belt are equally angry, and are the driving force of the region's industry. You look at what's left over, and you have New England and the West Coast - filled with people who wouldn't dare eat an animal or wear fur, much-less lift a finger to get their hands dirty. Montana, Idaho, and the Dakotas will be on our side as well.

the Jews have already put their nose in those areas

The Chilean side is pretty empty outside of a few cities connected with airports

Too slow faggot, it belong to the Jews now

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theres a good reason why argentina is so empty,especially the south,all for the new world
btw you guys arent invited

That is piece of Croatia in South America

While I'm not as-familiar with the regional politics of the UK as I am with the US (secession doesn't seem as much of a possibility, outside of NI and Scotland), I can tell you that more and more of your white countrymen are growing tired and anxious of the hordes surrounding them.

Previously, in both of our countries, media has been used to blind us, our parents, and our grandparents. But more and more we get tired of the nonsense they push. Just look at young kids complaining about the shit Snapchat pushes in their "recommended stories" or whatever. Transgender disabled immigrant cuckold shit, as if it's powerful or something. They joke about this shit off the whim. And while a majority of them may not explicitly voice support for us, the sentiment is there - and when they sense power, they'll fall in-line.

As someone who personally can't stand the British (or the French, for that matter), please don't voice support towards abandoning your great, rich heritage to escape to someplace such as Patagonia. While tempting at times, we have to win-back our home countries. You've inherited the world's greatest colonial power as a part of your birthright, and the world looks at your legacy with either respect, envy, or sometimes both.

Just a wait a bit longer, the tides are shifting and as time goes on more and more people will begin to acknowledge the reasons Trump and Brexit succeeded - it certainly wasn't just economics.

Jews have been setting up there for a while now.

You'd also have to do ethnic cleansing because the locals are retards.

it's fairly common for the water to have parasites in it over there, it's not like NZ or Aus where the water is perfect despite some crocs up north

You want an ethnostate then move to the south island of NZ, or the rural section of land between Melbourne and Sydney, or Western Australia, or all of them combined.

Unironically colonizing Chilean Patagonia. Already selected my first watershed. Here is the key though guys, we need to think of our presence as like a welcoming committee/ advertising firm to other High IQ, fit, tough whites. Eco tourism is the way to do this and subsidize your presence in the region. Upper echelon whitewater, mountaineering, fishing, surfing, rtc. draws in upper middle class white burgers and euros that are into those activities and by proxy already fit most of the favorable traits listed above. Immerse them in the simplicity of tradition, nature, and homogeneity. Casually inform them you are always willing to expand your community if the right people were interested. Be selective. Have Babies. Apply for an exception of the Chilean gun law for the purpose of defending your colony. This can be done easily if you know who to pay. Form PMC with proceeds registered in the Cayman islands, contract said PMC to defend your outpost and your economic and social interests. Recruit experts from various fields. Medicine, logistics, engineering, forestry, education, agriculture, security, etc
develop self sustaining infrastructure, interact with and support local economies/townships.

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no matter which remote place on earth the whites try to escape to, kikes & shitskins will follow

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