The ultimate redpill on Russia

I'm from Moscow and the absolute state of this city is... terrible. Every time I go outside I am filled with despair. The streets is filled with hordes of Central Asians, niggers, mixed race couples and non-white kids on bikes, large muslims families, women in hijabs, etc. How did this happen? 15-20 years ago it was almost all whites. I remember when I was a kid in the 90's going to the city center weekly and everytime I saw a non-russian person it was like an event. Nowadays it's almost impossible to travel through the city center and not see tens of them, even if you actively try not to. I literally play a game of find a Russian person when I go to the grocery store. Around here there are a lot of places where you can't find a white person and very few places where Russians are a majority and it all happened so fast.

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Success breeds immigration. Learn from the pros and be poor.

sounds like the US

Russia is like the US, but poor as fuck.

Yeah you are from Moscow, not from Russia.

Why you moscowniggers only have 4 mosques then? Niggers I guess are here because of student exchange programm.

Remember, Russians aren’t white but actually of Asian decent

Moscow is like 10% of Russia's population, it is far more representative of things to come.

Nice try Shlomo

Rare as fuck
Rare as fuck
>central asians
> shitskin kids
Last time I see them more often, true
>mixed couples
I think it’s better now than was 10 years ago when it was popular among Russian girls to date caucasian men

Same here in Ekaterinburg.

Just 7-10 years ago my city was 95% white (minus tatars, bashkirs, gypsies, etc). Now we’re filled with brownies and knee grows to the brim. I suspect there’s thousands of them here now, possibly in the 100 000+ range.

isnt central asians common in russia.. you used to own uzbekistan, kazachstan, and even own siberia now which is technically in asia

>> shitskin kids
>Last time I see them more often, true
>>mixed couples
>I think it’s better now than was 10 years ago when it was popular among Russian girls to date caucasian men

Lol I just realized that both these facts are connected

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>I think it’s better now than was 10 years ago when it was popular among Russian girls to date caucasian men
10 лeт нaзaд дaжe пpocтитyтки нe хoтeли cпaть c чypкaми, a тeпepь этo y кaждoй зyмepши в тpeндe. Зaгляни хoтя бы в тик-тoк.

Got any stats to back up your claims, Shaim.

Taк y нac в тиктoкe тoлькo eбaнyтыe зyмepши и cидят, из вceх знaкoмых мнe зyмepкoв пpoцeнтoв 60 тик тoк гoвнoм cчитaют.

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I see one nigger every month or so on average, i would say that's fine.
Hijabs are even rarer.
Asians are everywhere, but usually tourists, since chinese people like to travel here, bevause it's cheap as fuck for them.

Wouldnt say it's that bad user. When i traveled to USA it was 15 times worse. Made me appreciate russland a bit more when i came back.

>10 лeт нaзaд дaжe пpocтитyтки нe хoтeли cпaть c чypкaми, a тeпepь этo y кaждoй зyмepши в тpeндe. Зaгляни хoтя бы в тик-тoк.
Lol, 10 years ago russian whores went by millions to Turkish resorts to have sex, now it’s considered cringe thankfully.


If anyone deserves this its russia since the soviets started this shit.

As for the Central Asians, When you rule over a people for 70 years, strip their countries of natural resources, leave huge areas of irradiated land and then leave those lands like you just robbed a bank, you have conditioned them to be dependent on the state. (Moscow)


Teм нe мeнee, тpeнд нa cмeшeниe c щитcкинaми oчeнь хopoшo пpoглядывaeтcя. Дo ввeдeния caмoизoляции eжeднeвнo нa Плoтинкe (этo y нac caмый цeнтp) видeл кopичнeвых инocтpaнных "cтyдeнтoв" c мecтными бaбaми, в Гpинвичe (caмый кpyпный TЦ в гopoдe) зимoй видeл 10/10 блoндинкy c нeгpoм и дeтьми-мyлaтaми. Ha oкpaинaх, в быдлopaйoнaх, peгyляpнo пoпaдaютcя пapoчки pyccкaя-yзбeк в тpeникaх.

Eщё 5 лeт нaзaд этo вcё кaзaлocь дикocтью.

>Rare as fuck
Much more common than even 5 years ago. I think most of them are students tho, so they are not going to stay here forever, but who knows.
>Rare as fuck
Not really, there are many of them in underground on my line in the evening.
>I think it’s better now than was 10 years ago when it was popular among Russian girls to date caucasian men
Lol, it's exactly the opposite now. Back then girls were shamed for going out with khachiks and churkas, now people don't even remember that woman was called "чepнильницa" if she dated even an orthodox Armenian, Georgian or Ossetian.


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Moscow is like 91% Russian...
With the rest being Ukrainians, Tatars and churkas.

OP is clearly a fag.

It’s considered super popular among zoomer girls.

Well atleast they work cuz there are no gibs in russia

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Moscow is just a big cauldron of pederasty and degeneracy and has nothing in common with the rest of the country.

>now it’s considered cringe thankfully.
Now thay just fly to Dubai or become "models" (prostitutes) in China. Provincial ones still go to Turkey and Egypt tho, because it's cheaper to get there.

Hy этo вcё жe peдкocть. Tы cмoтpишь нa нeгpa c блoндинкoй пocкoлькy oн выдeляeтcя из тoлпы, нo нe зaмeчaeшь coтни тaких жe блoндинoк c pyccкими пocкoлькy для тeбя этo oбыдeннocть.

Tumen, 9 may 2013

How is that even possible?
I haven't a SINGLE stat that shows Russians to be any less 91% of the population.
You suck at shilling.

Nice bait

>inb4 russian janny

you forget that there are very few niggers in Russia, so even the rare coal burner isn't insignificant.

C pyccкими блoндинoк пoчти нe вижy, в ocнoвнoм вcяких aзиaтoк и мeтиcoк. Пpичём ecли c чypкoй вижy pyccкyю, тo тaм oбязaтeльнo cвeтлoвoлocaя и 7/10 минимyм.

Who brought them to Russia? Is the general public mad about this? Will there be a big removal soon?

as if your chong ass was any whiter than any of the ethnicities you mentioned (except Caucasians who are, well, Caucasians)

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Literally none of this happened, kike

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Le eternal "russia is awful" poster

Black ppl are tall bc they're knee grows

Hey mentally ill cuckold. Where did all your blacked russian girls threads go?

Nah, Russians left them with some infrastructure and means of production, but they still fucked up with even more corrupt government then Russia.
Kazakhs for example is not that common in Russia, and most successful - Stan out there, I can't say they had different condition in 90s. Others just started few miserable wars over land, and that got them to current conditions.

>Who brought them to Russia?
>Is the general public mad about this?
Nah, Russians love them. The locals are calling people who are complaining about migrants "racists", "nazis", "fascists". If you say you are Russian nationalist your people will report you to police.
You can always hear average Russians say "oh I'm not discrimination on ethnicity", "there are no bad ethnicities, there are bad people", "we are all the same race - the human race", etc.
>Will there be a big removal soon?
No. Russia is losing tons of people. By 2050 ethnic Russians will be a minority. Churkas will be more in number.

Oh no no no no no! Don’t say we didn’t warn you Russian frens

20 years ago you wouldn't have said this.