Redpill thread

Redpill thread
Post ‘em

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Does anyone have the full beaver collection?

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Wrong pic.

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Keep going, OP.
I'm saving every one to a RHDD.

don't see why you'd save the feminism, communism, or tranny ones. if anyone needs redpilling on those they're fucking retarded.
the (((german))) revolution of 1918 is good, guess the thread is just indicative of nu/pol/, however.

ugh captcha is fucking me.
Link to old thread >> 255610991

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It's called hobbyist archiving.
Autists like me fight the all-consuming memory-hole.

Im retarded.

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Should a google drive be created for archiving redpills? It would be easy to navigate, save, and could be reuploaded if needed.

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thanks for the link back, good to see you have some infinity screenshots.
looking through these threads just makes me regret not adopting the same habit years ago. a lot of good stuff i don't have from before the 2016 USA election

I plan to search through the archives for redpills over the next week or so. I’ll then upload everything online. Not sure to where though, and it won’t be organized.

Does anyone actually have a translated copy of the REAL Babylonian talmud?

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reminder to you autists from an overly agitated ancientfag not to save these to anything digital. Get into the habit of it, it will save your life one day. How you choose to archive them however is open to your own interpretations.

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That is real. They have a damage control talmud they show to goyim who ask about it, which you're thinking of

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I know its real, I want a full thing for proof, and to see what is in it

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