Why can't they behave?

Why can't they behave?

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Americans are for the most part, raving narcissists. Deprived of narcissistic supply, they decompensate, their false personas falling apart without the regular validation they receive in daily life, from others, and consumer products. This is their last ditch effort to gain attention, to stave off the roaring void that is their soul.

Who's the qt with the hat on the right?

Because they are from small town America and represent the uneducated majority. Most people in those small towns down even finish high school


You stay in your cage goy! You eat when we decide you can!

You absolute brainlets, Michiganders like me are sick of living under a Governor that does not respect our rights. Those protests were even authorised, supervised, and endorsed by our Legislature. Gretch the Wretch is going down, thankfully, peacefully.

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>bunch od heavily armed redneck retards
Police: Hmmm, we might let them enter the capitol

>a single black gentleman walks down the street and puts a hand into the pocket

Finally whites are growing some balls

Not you user, you're alright

So Michigan will went full red in the next election?

Heres to you, Keep up the good fight.

Michigan is a shit hole that got fucked by labor auto unions and has never recovered from it. Every system collapsed once the money pulled out but it was a trickle effect over time.. well that and corrupt politicians.

You literally can’t prove me wrong because I’m 100% correct

Those golems need to be shot

You memeflag betrays you, user.

And what's wrong with that? Fucking nigger loving faggot

that's exactly what the British said.

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>a single nigger walks down the street and puts a hand into the pocket going for his gun after police have ordered him to freeze because he's a wanted suspect in a robbery/murder case

Checked, thank you user.

Because they’re paid protestors, paid off by Kushner, sprinkled in with some useful idiots im sure

Who the fuck wants to gather for a protest in the middle of a viral outbreak


They’re late on payments for their cuck pickup trucks and might have their identities repossessed by the bank. Open the economy!!!


ok tr00mer

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They have been so brainwashed they actually protest so they can get themselves and their families sick by going back to wageslaving to pay for their jewish bosses mansions

This is echt gun laws should be strict. Now any retard van have one.

Why can't Jews?

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Man, this board really did get invaded by Reddit

At first I thought "sheez guys stay home, virus" and now you see legislators trying to take rights away and keep them away and that is a lot more important.
Every pissant dictator with delusions of grandeur has loved every minute of this virus.

If you want people to stay at home, ask the corrupt 1%ers who keep bribing you to allow congress to give money to people at home instead of giving trillions to themselves (like has already been done).

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MI governor is extra retarded, she tried to make gardening illegal. She's probably one of the governors working with China. Plus a lot of people living in MI have already lived through enough of the Democrat bullshit thats destroyed the state to stay quiet over this bullshit now. I'm not surprised one bit that they're some of the first to rebel.

Democrats stay in power through election fraud, so even though its a Blue state because of massive voter fraud in Detroit, the population is still actually fairly conservative. Which is why you see this completely one-sided revolt against the government. Expect to see more stuff like this nationwide as the lie gets exposed.

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But they do behave. How many dead bodies were on the ground when they were done?

People who dont buy into the bullshit.
People who lost their jobs and are scared for the security of their families.

Yeah they protest the lockdown but apparently not the fore in invasion lol

You can always find a job later, you can’t buy your kid a new pair of lungs retard

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Michigan is retarded. Glad we poisoned their lake.

God dammit, I fucking love this country so much!

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I tell ya, if a single police shot any of those redneck,
The US that we knew will cease to exist.
Rednecks, neo-nazis, libertarians will form militia squad and round up politicians and most of the pocs into mass graves.
Half of the military personals will side with those rednecks, US will be balkanize, and yet still somehow hold the world on a shorter lease.

Are these fuckers going to topple the state government or what?

Lmfao. No. White Males only male up %28 of the countries population. Most women think these people are retarded. Your avg ptg zionist incel talls to 4 women a year.

>if you only knew how bad things really are

So the 72% are afraid of the 28%?
Good grief.

it would be nice to see it balkanize. i do not like these sheltered faggots from the northeast and cali that im forced to share borders with

Shit brings a tear to my eye! God bless the USA!

>wear mask
>but don't shave
i thought jews were the smartest.

Dont even try. Let their kids get sick. It's what they get for trusting trumpenstein

t. narcissistic kike projecting his disease

And government workers thinking they're smarter than everybody else are not narcissistic?

Cringe and bluepilled. Not even Jews would fit into your story.

>t. gypsy

These people are not workers, they are business owners and landlords fighting for the right to get their employees back to work so they can survive. Because god knows they don't work for shit so they have no income while their employees are all at home. Why the fuck do you think they're all boomers

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How do you even prove election fraud? Just curious because I see this claim thrown around a lot. I understand that it can happen but how is that tracked?
And ultimately if it were so obviously true something would have been done about it right

God dammit i hope so.
Literally each and every one of these listed occurrences would be ideal.

The Balkanize won't last for so long, faggots state will running out of food and water faster than a thot run out of instagram follower.
They will beg and try to guilty trip redneck state to feed them.

Either the redneck state make some deal that faggot can't reject, or faggot look for china for aids.

When china's troop arrive at US soil, rednecks will be piss and start invade, mass grave, and annex those sorry state.

And our militarized police force would have the excuse they need to kill every single one of them

why do all of these Karens and overweight and out of shape militia cosplayers want to break quarantine so badly? hope they all catch the Rona

Demographic replacement, I sleep
Baskin Robbins is closed? I reeeee

i see no one with a gun

theres a lot of armed civilians in this country
it would be a guerilla war on a level never seen in history
they would have supply issues multitudes worse than napoleon in spain

Or a portion of that 28% believes they should be able to trump other's opinions because they have a gun lol
Not authoritarian at all

Jews doesn't stay at those redneck state, they need the urban area for their kikery to work.
So they will stay in faggot state, holding the seats of governor and leader while they trying to move their assets to oversea.

When shit hit the fan, they will just run away, and cry for shoah like they always do.

Based, we are citizens with unalienable rights. Some may choose to give those up for safety, but that does not mean they may take ours for their safety as well. Especially when it's at the cost of our livelihoods. I'd rather have a fighting chance at avoiding starvation if at all possible.

You Have been so brainwashed you literally think you can kill someone by breathing air.

that 28% unfortunately controls 99% of all guns in america

99% of people who say their guns are to fight tyranny would puss out and realize their fantasy never made any sense. The craziest 1%would get killed by swat teams

Did you got water for brain?
It is always violents that make the rule.
We live in peace time cause there are some violents in check against the foreign threats.
In a democracy state that the citizens are not allow to arm, their opinions are as good as farts.

Very true.

I've never been more proud.

Kek. The average law enforcement nigger is a chickenshit coward at heart. In the face of a militia uprising, they wouldnt do a goddamned thing but run to save their own asses.


>pic related

go back to R. E. D. D. I. T.

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You fuckin doofus....

57% of Michiganders approve of the job she's doing.

Half of the police force will join those idiots, why do you think they got a trigger finger for niggers.

The lumpenprole who work at coffee shops aren't the working class Karen.

>implying that they won't cuck out