I'm banned from Yas Forums what is this board about?

I'm banned from Yas Forums what is this board about?

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All the greatest political minds humanity has to offer come here to brainstorm how to fix our problems.


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for me rage, 100% rage.

politics and 2hu.

It's simply about 4 words
Niggers tongue my anus

this board is bizarro/int/

common sense AKA right wing AKA nazis

It is good to see I am in good company then as a sophisticated thinker myself.

hating niggers jews and americans

Mostly about Mongolian basket weaving

75% shilling
20% shitposting
5% actual content, some days 0%

This board we discuss how gay this board is compared to Reddit - at least the mods are fair there

this board is about hatred among each others, 99% of the time, meds vs nords, christians vs larpagans, yuropeens vs mutts and not much else. 1% of the threads however are very interesting things such a leaks or AMA from self-described important people.

Tits not politically correct.

I did a fart on the toilet that sounded a bit like mr bean today

Don't lie the mods will outright ban you from all boards now for 2 or 3 days under the flimiest excuse so you can't even go at them at IRC anymore

Charles being a cute cunt right here. Probably in my top 10 of people I'd love to get wasted with.

This board was built for BBC

did you record it

>what is this board about

Trump is good
>Trump is bad
Trump is good
>Trump is bad
Trump is good
>Trump is bad
Trump is good
>Trump is bad

Don't like it? STIFF

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Its a place where outcasts, deadbeats, rural rednecks and incels congregate to support the most unpopular oppinions in order to feel better with their own miseries.

Mutts law strikes again. We should revive the 56% meme again. Or is it 60 nowadays?

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how did it rise
the 56% was of whiteness iirc so it can only drop

Install it

>what is this board about?
Finding those rare few people posting here who can actually have an intelligent conversation. The ones who can reject ideology. The rest is just shitposting, and lots and lots of paid shill/bots.

I thought it was already darkness. From land of the free to land of the Uruk-hai. Sad!

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also gathering information from more or less similiary minded people about their localities

Do they count Jews as white?

of course
did you forget they even snip their dicks to make themselves more jewlike?