Trudeau set to drop tariffs on American food

Did he make the right decision?

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Does Trudeau decide anything, or does he have overlords?

Canadian milk comes in bags wtf ?

Trump should slap export tariffs on the food lol.

This will kill my luxury soup smuggling business.

he has absolute power. Canada no longer has a parliament.

you are gonna take a hit

How do Canadians pour milk?

a special jug holds the bag.

Is a fucking pedo fuck him

is canadian food subsidised?

no. you pay what the sticker says then you add tax.

Do you know what supply management is? It’s a cartel basically, larping as a legit government policy that serves the best interests of the Canadian people.

This is a lie. Canada’s agricultural sector is a joke. You literally allow the farmers to set production rates, which allows them arbitrarily limit said production rates in order to bleed as many Canadian Pesos as they can from you. And after they rob you blind for basic necessities, they tell you it’s in the national interest to continue this sick charade.

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Kek my poor deluded friend you will literally have a heart attack when you see your receipt if you buy things in Canada and all the tax they slap on it at the end

Using this unless you're a degenerate Ontarian.

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Gary is here.

This is now a Gary of Ontario thread.


Check out the Australian model. It’s easy. Treat em mean, keep em keen.

Seriously, the only nation on earth that receives less in government agricultural subsidies is New Zealand. Australia’s a giant fucking desert whilst New Zealand is probably the most fertile country on the planet. Aussie farmers get told to fuck off back to the bush, the drought will probably end in a few years, cunt.

However we both sold the farm, literally and metaphorically to the chinks at the end of the day.

are there industries that still resist chineese takeover?

>ground beef is about 6 bucks american per pound in canada
jesus fuck canada what the shit

it has since went up in price. everything goes up monthly now

>everything goes up monthly now
by how much.
is it only for food or everything

what part of canada is collapsing don't you get

You have to mortgage your home to buy groceries. I rent out each room of my house to chinese families to survive. Canada is referenced as the best country in the world to live but thousands die of starvation every day and grocery user is not actually a schizo. He is the only one who knows.

the part you didnt say before this post

it's like the world is the way it is and it's up to you to understand it. and your fault if you fail you.

so since you are sane answer this please

you look at the prices from last month then you look at them this month

from $4 to $4.39 justfor tins of soup.

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Everything costs thousands of dollars. Trading in my car next week to buy bread.

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a stupid bag holder made in the 70's usually orange or blue

since you cannot really close the bag once open it smells like all the shit in your fridge

Just post the in-store prices and there will be an end to the horror

why not buy pic related instead

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most canadians can't afford plastic containers and milk.

they can afford it in the bag.

the only option is a carton, we have no milk in bottles in Canada, it's a third world country, but everything is expensive

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Although Corona has put a break on his grocery posting, he’s still spreading the same lies and half-truths of the past years to push xir Jewish agenda.

In order to maintain the illusion that Canada has high food prices, he posts prices from remote communities where food has to be flown in.

If anyone is actually curious if there is an issue with food prices in Canada, go to literally any forum online with Canadians and ask them if they struggle with their food bill. It’s that simple.

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Hi Kinsella.

I drink it straight from the bag, gave up on those fucking milk holder, fuck that noise

he's the log guy from Yas Forums

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