Yas Forums was right again

Yas Forums was right again, it was a close call. an asteroid almost hit earth as predicted by the sheer amount of schizos and autists on this board

news report:

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>diameter of 2 kilometers

Why the fuck does no one care about this shit and then laugh, shrug and sarcastically joke "whew that was close". What the fuck do we do if one of these fucking things is actually going to hit us?

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>as predicted by the sheer amount of schizos and autists on this board
A broken clock is right twice a day, to all the schizos flooding this thread: do like gif related

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What do you mean cunt? If it hits us you won’t have to think about what you’ll do the mile high tsunami wave will take care of that for you.

It was 6,3 million kilometers away, that's basically nothing relative to the size of space but it's fucking far away for humans isn't it?

If a 2km rock decides to smack in to Earth. We die. Simple as.

Cool movie nigger

graham hancock was right

>asteroid does not hit Earth

Over 3million km away

And just like that countries are reopening and magically corona will vanish

What's disturbing is that nothing was really done. With something that close I expect them to at least try and do something.

Why? The earth has a surface area of 500000000sqkm. 2km long rock is nothing. Sure anyone within the impact zone would be fucked and it would be huge either way but I don't see why it should wipe out everyone on earth.

kek, this.

>9mm bullets? DUDE, I'm 1900mm tall. 9mm bullet is nothing!

Yah, I'm sure a rock hitting the earth is just like a bullet hitting flesh.

It's not Hollywood -- we can't do anything if something is going to hit Earth. If something happens to the sun or our moon we're fucked too.

The rock is traveling very fast and will absolutely destroy the world.

It's scary how much Yas Forums is correct, lol, and it's always funny seeing the damage control spewing the same salty comments every time Yas Forums is right.
Reminds me of old school Yas Forums.

Same with the coronavirus, on the case months before normal fags even heard about it

Wonder in which timeline it hit, also which timeline has the Corona that was completed.

added to screenshot for future usage ;)

What can we do about it? Bruce Willis is too old now to send into space.

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2 were a miss, but there's still a chance that 2 asteroids might hit.
Plz fucking smash hard and delete Earth, wipe the planet, plz gibe asteroid desu.

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What you gonna do about it simp?

Just embrace the sweet release

Gibe gibe apocalypse desu!

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You’ve been watching Endgame again huh

It's a statistical proof at this point if we can build Quantum Computers that can run multiple simulations at once then it's obvious something as complex as the Universe has the capability to do it

Damn shame there was no meteor boogaloo. We need a fucking hard reset. Niggers and jews have made this place unbearable


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Its just a mere 2100 gigatonnes of energy on impact.

> shitty video shows only one perspective, showing a 2D space
> asteroid size is almost the same size as earth just to make it look even closer
> "schizos were right again!!"
No, they weren't, the space turd missed by millions of kilometers like scientists predicted.
have you ever head of math? We were 99.9999999% confident that space turd would miss (except /x/ and Yas Forums schizos of corse)