UK Satanic Pedophile Rings

Why is this so seldom spoken about?

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You don’t even know what satanism is though lol

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Are you even english?
cui bono?

It was a Psy-Op

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This was debunked.

It wasn't "debunked" it was a psy-op

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>You don’t even know what satanism is though lol
it doesnt matter what YOU think it is fuckhead,
its what THEY use it for,
its what THEY believe,

example fuckhead: Some Moslems think if they kill the infidel, they go to heaven with 72 virgins.
I don't believe that
you don't believe that.
but THEY do -
get it?

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Just stop

You're just mad you never get invited

Woah, crazy!!! I was just thinking about this a few hours ago. Talk about synchronicity.

You all suck

Cui bono
who benefits
are you trying to use latin talk to seem smart by asking who are you? You know some people can use VPNs right? Do you have a loicense to post here?

LMAO the fuq outta here with your atheist LGBT wanna be black magic larper.

Devil worship is real and that includes human sacrifice. Now go take a walk

Well the little girl admitted she made it up.

That was part of the psy-op

>Why is this so seldom spoken about?
Why do you think? You expect the people involved to report this shit in the news that they control?

yeah its totally something that ~10 year olds think about and make up.

It was a psy-op run by Tavistock.

Never trust the Anglos

explaining sabbatean-frankism to the great unwashed gets more difficult when speaking to a religious slave

Well, then we know who should get the rope, deniers also get the rope.


Said she was coached to say it by her mom’s boyfriend

It was an MKultra psy-op.

Yeah, cause "daddy" touched me wasn't enough to win a court case, they were coached to say that the whole school is in it and that they are baby killing satanists

The doc said she had injuries in her butt, I wonder if anyone checked her vagina, would be really easy to disprove this whole thing then.

Only hole in this is how it took the mom YEARS to notice all that

Explain the who and the why

Redpill me. Can't watch the videos due to government censorship

Doctor said no injuries, if I remember correct.

yea, just ignore jimmy saville and modern grooming gangs supported by child protection services

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its funny that the only way you can find "legitimate" reasons to dislike those groups is to associate it with satanism

you dont need satanism to know pedophilia is wrong, but you want to also make an association with all the other groups you hate to that too

Little girl says whole school staff rapes her with plastic “willys” in the school dad does too they cut off babies head in the school kitchen and drink their blood. All of them have the same hidden room in a closet where they take the kids to rape them. Later comes out and says she was coached to say it by her moms Arab boyfriend.

Yeah and the protests about it featured a CIA agent and MI5 agents.

It was a Psy-Op

Or you know, all the facts uncovered show a direct link to satanic images/rituals/cults and pedophile rings


Scars on her butt

So was Wikileaks.

The CIA protestor just so happened to be in London to protest for the release of Julian Assange.

Sick fucks

Are these the same kids?
No, they aren't. It was a psy-op

You're weird, OP.

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Pizzagate was also a Psy-Op conducted by the same people.

Same people who are currently psychologically experimenting on Yas Forums

Why? What for?

I'm in the dark about this shit

weaponized autism

you what?

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