Name a more beta race than Indians.

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>no self confidence
>short, stinky manlet
>darkest shade closer to negroids
>austro-dravidoid features like abos
>funny accent and bobling head
>low iq of 88
>shits on the designated street
>destroys the job market for the rest of the world for working for literally dimes and cents.
>watches bollywood

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bollywood > hollywood

Horn of Africa nations (Ethiopians, Eritreans, Somalis)

>no self confidence
This is blatantly untrue. I have never seen a more confident being than an Indian man hitting on a western woman via social media.

Kikes and OP.
Fuck off.
user dont reply


new generation of americans are trannies and faggots so yeah..


Also the most cringiest race
Harassing online while living thousands of miles away from each other is not confidence. If he does it irl than you can say.
How come?

The reason why indians are short is due to socioeconomic factors. Indians who grow up in the west, are about as tall as whites. Have a look at the places in India where malnutrition isn't a problem, they are actually quite tall.


Yea, i was quite suprised when i saw this ( you can see the difference between rural india and urban india, where the living standards are a bit higher

Not to mention the fact that Indians encompass a whole range of ethnic groups.

Say what you want about Ethiopians, they know how to party.

I will never buy a kebab from your shitty chip shops again. The monsoon hates you

>Pajeet has the balls to approach that woman

I only see an alpha here, Paki. Are you mad your family forces you to marry another Arab under the threat of death if you disobey? You can't bring home a white girl to your parents, can you?

user, we said race.
I thought only Americans were this stupid.


That is accurate. I live west of the Yamuna, and I'm 6'2.5", and 6' for guys quite normal on this side, and east of the Yamuna people from the same clan are shorter, and skinny. It's a money thing, not a gene thing.
Also, this Paki OP thinks he's Arab, which is the most hilarious thing ever.

Real indians.

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>Name a more beta race than Indians.


Painful... I have made it through many gore weebs and shiieeeettt... but this... I couldn't!
I can't stand pakis and Indians in Canada. They are really a waste that should have stayed in their shithole.


>You can't bring home a white girl to your parents, can you?
As a Paki you don't bring home girls to marry, you marry in the family.



imagine having a skin colour of poop

lol pakis and indians are both fucking retarded and need to be erased from this earth.

Boy did the british fuck up with teaching them english.

Based Polska

One really has to wonder why the fuck anyone would move to Canada? Oh yeah, cuz they couldn't move to the US and did their best to get as close. LMAO you'll always be a shadow, and nothing more.

Better than having a skin disease. LMAO fucking cumskin


There is a thin line between conference and stupidity. Some indians are mutant Chads

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Cope manlet

french, brits and americans are worse than indians by the way.

indians don't have their women fucked by foreigners

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And yet neither rectum recognises porcelain.

Is he really a beta if he got a white girl taller thats than him. This pajeet is a chad.