Aesthetics thread

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I hate most Arabs tbqh, but looking at Islamic Oriental paintings (by Europeans) makes me nostalgic for a time I never lived in.

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Shit art, shit technique

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Art is for lefties.

Smart people realise art is dumb and pointless.

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Oh, user. We’ve all been 15 once.

This is as bluepilled as it gets

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Some Islamic art is quite amazing.

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Very, went to some north african exhibit in a NYC museum, was nice.

Indeed, it gives you that "arabian nights" (or "One Thousand and One Nights") feel.

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>Yas Forums in a nutshell

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These paintings were made by Osman Hamdi Bey, an Ottoman art expert and pioneering painter.

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my favorite

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I was truly impressed with the height of European art and architecture.

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