Based Blacks Attacking Spics in LA

Long thread of based negros stealing and beat street vending spics

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Blacks being pushed out of East L.A. by Mexicans/Latinos, gangs, businesses, population.
Earthquake gives Blacks Fema Gibs
Blacks Sell houses owned by grand parents since the 60's and move to Palmdale Lancaster
Mexicans move into those vacated neighborhoods
Mexicans follow Blacks, because muh drug sales, to desert city suburb, gang wars ensue
coming to a state near you

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I don't like either group, but I would still prefer to live around spics (the mexican kind, not the nigger dominican variety) than nigs.

Pushed out by immigration

Lol Mexicans will ethnically cleanse the blacks in that area too if they keep it up. They've done it elsewhere.

>left entirely silent about the racist aggression of blacks

Based aztecs have that warrior in their veins.

They will crack chimp skulls if they get out of line.

Apparently black males have been randomly attacking mexicans out in public since last year.

Only last year?
I've always thought they love a spot street robbery.

There probably are redpilled tankies who condemn this, but they're the ones who get the least attention by media.

they get pass becuase they are niggers, if it was whitey saying CHink to a chink or white teen saying nigger on tik tok tweet would ghet 500 k likes and people would be doxxed to shit

The cartel is pissed. They better be careful lol

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Niggers attack everybody all the time. It's why everybody hates them.

Mexicans can be brutally violent but they seem to have more impulse control than blacks and they generally don't act like monkeys
Also they actually do work

Black people ain't winning this one the cartels are too powerful

Why a sudden interest in this? It has been happening for decades.
Why now all of a sudden? I used to live in the USA.


Also black people can't aim or maintain their firearms

>since last year.

to me its funny how brows and minorities like ngigers, chinks etc claim alliances on twitter and internet in general, are willing to dogpile on doxxing whties who said bad word but IRL they are still after each other throats at much higher scale than whites against htem or they against whites. it always seems like they hate whitey the most but every single one would prefer living around whites than other minorities. Chinks are perfect example, they are massive SJW antiwhite faggots but irl they wont rly make friends with niggers.

Ok what’s it say

>that fake desperate attempt underneath

Okay darkie. Everyone knows it’s you

>Niggers nigging in niggerland

Based chicANO

But really tho, fuck whitey

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Great now zog knows how to start a race war. We might actually see it happen

Black gangs aren't organized like mexican gangs. Theres a hierarchy with mexicans and they follow it or be killed. Blacks just do whatever they want since each black gang allows certain crimes and they dont fuck with politics of other gangs.

Social media is about fake social points. Real life is a different animal. No other race likes niggers, they are a menace. Spics are dealing with this now bc they are competing for real estate with niggers. Spics will ultimately rise above and either defeat the niggers or move to their own suburb. Niggers are always destined for the bottom due to IQ.

Even all the white gangs in jail are just a subdivision/ sub contractors for the Cartels at this point, people keep talking about how this will be the Chinese Century but anyone smart knows to be watching out for the Latins they are a dark horse and well organised and funded

On the other hand Blacks don't need to contend with ICE.

>random nig hoodrats harass street vendors
>meanwhile mexican gangs go full ethnic cleansing and try to eradicate nigs

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I will support Mexican brothers 100% if they start killing niggers. They even look like us.

>posts that same old picture from 2013

yeah totally dude

Explain this ANO meme to a whitoid

Mexicans have a shorter temper then whites, they won’t put up with nigger shit

>Spics will ultimately rise above and either defeat the niggers or move to their own suburb.

Please, continue.

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They have less to lose