How many accusations will it take before the DNC drops biden?

how many accusations will it take before the DNC drops biden?

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How many did it take until the RNC dropped Trump?

they didnt


>Name Hillary as n2
>Remove N°1
I want to see this happen.



Was there really anyone saying they were raped by him? He just made a man joke in private. And there's never been anything damning like the Larry King episode that CNN attempted to scrub.


Biden and the DNC are not Trump and the RNC

Needs to be caught with tongue in girls anus. Even still he would claim it was a bowl of cereal.

>It signals danger for Trump because Trump has several dozen credible allegations against him while Joe Biden has only two.

Maximum cope. This guy is finished.

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Fake news ginned up by Bernie/Trump supporters.

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Threadly reminder that Joe Biden has more footage of him molesting kids publicly available than Jimmy Savile does.

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damn that's pretty bad

Exhibit A:

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wheres the link nigger

I cant wait for prez Biden. The posts here will be hillariously apocolyptic.

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why do you make these fake articles every fucking day?? they're so obviously fake you fucking faggot nigger

take meds schizo

>Danger for Trump

Trump's support has been unfazed and will be even if proven true.
Biden is toast unless absolutely proven false.

The Kavenaugh crap was the end for male Dems.

Even this laughable level of cope and shill can't save them.

I can't remember the color of the tie I wore to the office last Tuesday. Humans don't tend to remember shit like that when they're being assaulted. How is this serious journalism?

There is already video of him tweaking underage nipples. Press won’t touch it.

>Biden is toast unless absolutely proven false.
you really believe this? i think biden has very good chance

Already been decided

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What can be done about this OP that keeps making fake articles? Can he be stopped?

The DNC is the world's largest criminal organization. When will you fucking idiots realize that democracy is a complete and total hoax? Elections absolutely do not matter because you are never given a real choice. Bernie getting fucked over twice by this corrupt organization isn't enough to make it completely obvious? And sensible candidates like Gabbard and Yang never even standing a chance? And they appoint a senile old pedophile crook? Give me a fucking break.

Lol trump was a rich alpha dog, women let those guys manhandle them. biden is a creepy fuck with no game


>like the color of his tie
Is Yas Forums really this bad at detecting parody? I guess it makes sense

You'll think that until the debates. Trump will go for the balls and the eyes on every issue he can drum up.