What's the term for this 4-D, quantum superpositional chess gambit?

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Based. The burgers must flow.

Food riots are worse than some low skilled, low wage dropout losers getting a virus.


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Based and freedom pilled.

>Get back to work, lazy slaves! I'm working, too.
>*spends 6 hours watching Fox and 3 hours blabbing incoherent retarded shit in front of cameras.*

If he doesn't do this it's going to lead to worse things than the union being told the situation we are in is bigger than them. We start experiencing food shortages because of production in the US you better go everywhere strapped because things are going to get nasty.

Yeah food can't shut down.
We're going to have massive food shortages. It's going to be bad. Probably the worst famine in history.

Trumps an idiot.

Cheeto Dorito is a corrupt kike faggot but the primary sector and its distribution chains can never stop.

The virus won't spread through the meat even if the workers are infected.

There is nothing worse than a dry cough!!

How do you know

a) The burgers must flow, you don't want vibrant diversity making food riots
b) Knowing the industry, its probably one of those "unions" that shill for illegal immigrants all the time, so its "orange man tries to avoid food riots and losing election REEEE"

>Trumps an idiot.
Yes he should certainly let the globalist agenda of shutting down national food supply chains so that globalist food chains can take control take hold and have control over the nations people via food supply.
It works so well here in Canada.

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Imagine not knowing how to get your own food lol

The dumbest President in history.

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Shills are working overtime to push the globalist/vegan agenda.

Can’t let the feverishly addicted carnie cuck goy miss out on their daily fix of testosterone reducing, cholesterol saturated dead animal products filled with hormones and anti biotics that are literally altering their dna. Keep taking your medicine goys!

bolsheviks love famines being both the cause of and offering the solution to famine. just embrace communism and obey the jewish party leaders, goyim!

imagine the smell

Electrical engineer here in the food industry.

I know many of you assholes were against the TPP but the TPP ensured that many of these fire regulations and building standards would've been upheld for the factories that would've been put up in places like Mexico, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

Best part is that many of those factories upholding the safety standards would've bought American made products to keep up to modern building codes. But no, you had to ruin that too.

You guys are fucking hypocrites and are getting people hurt by electing Trump

Oh noes, trump doesn't want food prixes to explode and people to starve in american streets! God, do those leftists even think for just 5 seconds?



My useless degree is in Political Economics in Industrial Societies.

TPP was a cash grab by multinationals. The ability to externalize enforcements to the US taxpayer while freely offshoring profits to tax heavens is not in the average Joe’s best interest. Countries have to provide some form of economic protectionism when dealing multinationals and other nation doing the same. It’s a loosing strategy to give away markets.

Americans would eat mad cow meat to save a buck. 3rd world standards 3rd world mentality.

>so dumb he constantly eludes to things coyly that then happen

I want food from America.
End of story.
Regulations are just systems of control.
I don't want them either.
When I pull up to the farm I get my food at, it's OBVIOUS it's good food.

Yeah it shows Chinese-owned anything is a bad idea, because when a crisis hits they'll try to fuck with our food supply.

Really, Dr. Abbo? What happens when all the niggers and beaners get sick -- who's going to pack mutts' hoff and testicle offal pattie then?... Oh, and ignoring the reality that minorities on shit-kicker slave wages who think they're already being virus guinea pigged, won't take "hygienically" to being forced to work to death...

>stays on steel and plastic for days
>even in the air for hours
>implying las chinkas won't gestate inside gibblets

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Trump is a globalist who hates workers so this is par the coarse

perhaps dumbest body of citizens in history.. unable to distinguish the effect of a medicine on an organ from a proposed procedure which has factual benefit.