To all those claiming Corona is fake

Even if it is fake which it isn’t... anyone in the future who will deny it’s happening so to speak will be told to stfu with their CONSPIRACY THEORY.

You could have all the so called evidence in the world it doesn’t matter. Normies outnumber conspiracy nuts 9 to 1. The Virus is very real & if you deny it, you’re crazy!

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They are idiots

>projecting this hard

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You sound crazy! ;)

what did i say?

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old guy apparently didnt hear about 9/11

hm yeah I think you are right, every single goverment around the world and all scientists are lying and China locked down it's country for the lolz

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too bad we know what media has been saying before

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keep up the good work Jacek

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they did it for more population controll
and politicians keep lying, dont play stupid

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>Normies outnumber conspiracy nuts 9 to 1

wrong. the average trump voter is a qtard, and the average person thinks they are blue pilled normies now even though they are woke to the government being run by a child trafficking ring of pedos

america is deeply, deeply conspiritorial

go read the declaration of independence sometimes. its a straight up conspiracy theory that we started shooting people over

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yep it's all fake and patriot act 2.0 isn't being shoved in our face right now. nice!

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No ones saying it's fake. The numbers are over inflated and the 'Safety measures' put in place are overreach

here's lier#1

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here's lier #2

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They’re probably busy & have someone taking care of things. It’s important for famous people to have their vocal platform so to speak to better help the general public. If that’s even real & not photoshopped.

There is zero proof that COVID-19 is caused by a virus.

yeah right
totally not big money funding opinions

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here's lier #3

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You’re going crazy my friend!

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Nah he is based, like most Poles

>(((John Katz))), (((Margot Katz)))
Two Jews and a non-white. This must be true... guess I'm masking up in my own home now.

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and dont get me wrong
virus does exists
its just not even half as dangerous as they wanted it to be
they fucked up with engineering
they created ebola too deadly and wuhan flu not deadly enough
so now they are trying to just threaten people into submission

they still should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity

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>media creates just a flu meme
>Anyone who questions the lockdown saying its just a flu gets discredited because its just the flu bro meme
Classic manipulation. Create the narrative, control the narrative.

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so you have no evidence that 'corona' exist?
Jewish fraternity 33 degree free masons send first fake statistics with signed 33 gang sign.
The Empirical evidence, also known as sensory experience, is the knowledge received by means of the senses, particularly by observation and experimentation. Where is evidence that corona exist? You did what and observed what?

Oh,... you totally miss that part, do you? just jumped over, like it is totally insignificant small detail.
'Corona virus' is intelligence test and vaccines its "pruning the garden".

There is no such a thing in nature by medicine.
Criminal swindle, that empty tax payers pockets to solve nothing happens problem.

Show me evidence or catch the bullet with your forehead there is millions of peoples life well being at the stake.

I was in medical school please don't be shy tel hoe you decide ... some one give you money? monkeys like money and do everything for it .

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its real alright, but the way the world is reaction to it is way disproportionate to the actual danger

Ok golem

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hey wojciech, do you have that article where youtube forbid anti-who submitions?

The normies outnumber the conspiracy theorists. The normies think you belong in a mental asylum lol I’m serious. You sound absolutely crazy & that’s my point. It doesn’t matter how much sense you make, the MAJORITY of people think you & your phenotype so to speak are basement dwelling virgins & don’t care to look or think of the stuff you’re spewing. Maybe there’s an exagération in some areas to help push safety measures but to say there is no dangerous virus...


The whole world is on lockdown.

It’s a real virus.

i dont think so
ill check but cant promise

Yes that's the plan mirror 9/11 and Corona 11/9