Slavic Ethnostate Yugoslavia

Who else thinks a titoist slavic ethnostate Yugoslavia is a great idea. Where the only nationalities will be serbian bosnian macedonian croatian montenegran and slovene. The rest of the albanian turkish romanian gipsy peoples should be deported or killed. With exeptions to Bulgarians because they are of corse slavic. The same rule applies to Russians chezhoslovaks and others living in the country. All the other stuff will be the same as the normal Yugoslavia aka socialism with a free market and very small privatisation such as small shops. I really want to know if other people think if this is a good idea.

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it's not an ethnostate if you have so many ethnicities in the state you pathetic fucking moron
also, shit idea and shit thread

>Who else thinks a titoist slavic ethnostate Yugoslavia is a great idea
retards, you stupid shit you dont know anything about it, he was a NWO puppet as anyone could be, he imprisoned/killed of hundreds of thousands true orthodox serbs, erased our identity through fear and blackmail. You know nothing about the concept of Yugoslavia which you prove in
>. Where the only nationalities will be serbian bosnian macedonian croatian montenegran and slovene
because the only acceptable choice was Yugoslav, rest got killed of = enforced plastic identity, revolved around a communist system, again, you know NOTHING about it, which is why you open stupid threads like this, Yugoslavia was a masonic/nwo project, end of the story

forgot to do this

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Australia is the only good country.

>great idea
Just kill yourself :)

Sure but without the titoist part.

>The rest of the albanian turkish romanian gipsy peoples should be deported or killed

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no. Yugoslavia died with april coup in 1941

Hey anons, most of the knowledge I have about Yugoslavia is through memes. Could you elaborate how Yugoslavia was so horrible?

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>nigger flag
>nigger thread

People who are into beastilaity should be eliminated first

>Could you elaborate how Yugoslavia was so horrible?

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Yugoslavia was the worst thing that happened to Serbs and Croats.

>the worst thing that happened to Serbs

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Za savjetnike iz Ureda predsjednika koji prate na društvenim mrežama i forumima, te osluškuju bilo naroda :

Milanoviću, podršku građanske Hrvatske imaš, ne bismo ni mi tolerirali takvo društvo, društvo koje je stavljalo blokade u glavnom nam gradu, neizbježno podsjećajući na prve barikade u našem zadnjem sukobu, gdje ti isti da ih nazovem teroristi nisu htjeli poštovati demokratski izabranu vlast, od strane građana RH, volju većine izašlih na izbore.
Ne poštuju ni sada trenutne zakone, htjeli bi i jesu donekle paralelna vlast, ali ti si tu kao ravnoteža toj hordi, koja živi u prošlosti, koja nam ne dopušta da idemo naprijed, koja živi od naših poreza...
Od mirovine Glogoškog i ostalih, deseci tisuće djece bi moglo imati puno ljepši život, bez straha za egzistenciju, bez straha što im donosi slijedeći mjesec.

Imaš podršku naroda i vidim da glas za tebe nije bio izgubljen glas. Glas za tebe je bio test psihičkog zdravlja i inteligencije. Rat je završio.

only to serbs, croats enjoyed greater croatia basically

it clashes with the greater italy idea

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>greater italy idea

So as everything before 1866 and after 1943 does. Actually including that too...

>greater croatia basically

Minus Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vojvodina and Montenegro.

Vucic je nusprodukt komunizma

fuck off croat instead of embracing the roman past of dalmatia you wanted your independent irrelevant country.

and now nobody knows croatia

>Vucic je nusprodukt albanca i srpkinje

>embracing the roman past of dalmatia

>Italy likewise has undergone numerous invasions, both temporary and permanent, since the heyday of the Roman Republic. Even if you disregard the peaceful influx of diverse people from all over the empire, and class every citizen who lived in Rome in, say, 300 A.D. as a "Roman", the 5th and 6th centuries saw a series of invasions by Germanic peoples (most notably the Lombards) that introduced a large, permanent, German component into the population of Italy, especially in the northern part. Later invasions of the southern regions by Saracens, Normans, etc. also added to the gene pool.

Show flag kike

That's misleading. The inflation did not affect Croatia, from what I know. It did fuck Serbs and Montenegrins pretty much. Also, it wasn't a product of Yugoslavia per se, but the war and sanctions...

Svaka čast gospodinu Predsjedniku. Sa ustaškim nasljeđem se treba beskompromisno obračunati

dalmatia and carlovizza are italian land, I don't even talk about Istria which is obviously ours, you can stay meekly in these lands or be genocided.
you will see who is right

>gospodinu Predsjedniku

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The inflarion was stating already at the Begin of the 80s

>dalmatia and carlovizza are italian land
>you will see who is right

Never heard of it.

since when?

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since always

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Picousti is a complex-ridden little cockroach who likes to think that nobody knows how fucking pathetic his persona, policies and government are.
Man, dude basically started his career as traitor, and he remains a traitor to his own people. Remember how he stabbed Seselj in the back and it all went well for V*cic? Yea.

Honestly there should be only 2 slavic states with only 2 languages - serbo-croatian(yugoslavian) and interslavic in the north

Imagine how much more prosperous the entire region would be with unified legal code and no more billions of useless meme languages

Imagine how much business would benefit how easier it would be to do business

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Who are those Ostrogoth's?

t. born in 1991 and this makes him an expert on yugoslavia

Yes but only if it is a theocracy with clerofascism


germans, not slavs, white croats and white serbs came later.

And they mixed with illyrians

Ok but why are there on Illyrians on that map then?

no thanks and fuck off

Hmm, I suppose that's plausible with Yugoslavia getting fucked by the whole oil crisis thing. Too much of the GDP was centered around construction work in the 3rd world, which would have been an immense boon in a normal world...
Still, I don't remember there being Croatian multi-billion dinar banknotes, in Cyrillic...
Actually, how bad was the currency in Croatia during the war?
I remember that we (SRJ) relied heavily on DM and $ during the sanctions, I was there...

Religion should be banned in both Slavias, imagine still believing in kike on a stick or some mohammed raping 5 year old.

It's not the year 1300, we're smarter than that

Since never. :D–Dalmatae_Wars–Venetian_wars

Why am I talkin to you shitskin, you're not Roman or Venetian...

>white serbs came later

SerboTurk detected :D

enjoy your poverty 100$ per month wages and Bachka regulating your daily life Mr.Potato

for the germanic invasions which with other factor brought an end to the western roman empire and eventually to the kingdom of italy created by Odoacer.

Well they maintained the title of kings of Italy for their lack of culture but of course they were just filthy barbarians

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>how bad was the currency in Croatia during the war?

De iure we had Croatian Dinar and later Kuna, de facto we used Deutsche Mark.

we've been there since forever retard. from dalmatia to trasnistria to northen greece romanians have been there forever.

It's benn tried, it didn't work for a reason. Slovenia is doing really well, it's basically a mini Austria, while Kosovo is a shithole.

>mini Austria

By that you mean it has half of Austrian GDP per capita.

fuck off I am of the venetic race who once ruled over you before austrians and turks weakened us.

You are ungrateful niggers, after what the venetic race has done for you schiavoni.

>after what the venetic race has done for you schiavoni
Pff, I know that to Montenegrins you were basically known as conniving, two-faced bitches.

t. Montenigga

Yugoslavia was unironically a huge mistake that further destabilized the Balkan peninsula for at least a century.