There is NO political solution

There is NO political solution

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Cocked, locked and ready to rock.

So what is the solution?

I know.

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But there is a spiritual solution. :)

I know

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Nuclear holocaust.

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There is NO political solution

Solution is to kill and burn, to destroy. To be the devourer and the prophet of the nihilism. Only through the pure nihilism, destruction and fire the old world will come back. Only nuclear rain with the power of our ancestors will bring back the old wheel. Kill, destroy, annihiliate and burn everything in this world, turn this planet into the red sphere again, give it some time and the Demiurge will place his seed again, humans shall grow again. Never break the cycle. Take the 2035pill.

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This sums up OP

This guy knows, hopefully humanity can end up in great suffering again. And I personally wish those who hold the power (the capitalist oligarchy and their degenerate plans) to hang on light poles before all the technocratic shit shows can come to an effect.

Violence is everything we have.

Yes, I believe all solutions are spiritual. Atheism is still spiritual, they cannot avoid becoming dogmatic

your solution is to clean your room, stupid retard


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And there is a non-political solution? They have made forming any real resistence next to impossible, how will it happen?



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Patriots stormed a state house yesterday, armed, with zero consequence to them. They got the legislators to turn off the Michigan shutdown in a hurry. Seems the bitch didn't get the memo, though, since she announced that SHE will single-handidly extend the shutdown herself late last night. This bodes well for another armed storming happening soon, even.

live in wilderness, make big family, out-last sick society. it's not easy like putting in votes every couple years, or posting online about TAKING THEM DOWN DUUUUUUUUUUUUDE but it is the only solution a man alone can undertake

They should give a purge day, but you only get to target politicians and beurocracts.

Gamma ray burst. They will survive even nukes, hiding like rats in their luxurious bunkers.

We must temporarily end all life on Earth.

>i dont like something
>better show my AR15 to scare people
republitards have low IQ

Goddamn shame one can't with rampant population explosions and mass immigration.

it's what they can't see, that should frighten them

>end all life
low IQ post, even though i agree with the overall idea. lol

Please post more paintings like that :)


How does that help? Even if it wasn't illegal, generations would pass and the "sick society" would still exist.

>implying protein and amino acid chains left over from the annihilation wouldn't start life once again
life uhm... finds a way

yeah low IQ republitards are unpredictable and prone to injuring themselves and others around them

it is illegal for you to live in the wilderness? then move. this civilization is unstable, i will be surprised if it lasts until i am an old man. by raising your family outside of it, they are freed. by living outside of it, you are freed. is this not a solution?

Please be my gf :)

>puppet politicians aren't following the will of the people
>I should stay at home and bitch on twitter

Genocide non-whites who dare to fucking enter a white country, that’s all it takes.

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My heart... broken again :(