Freest US state to live in

I'm tired of being a slave. I'm tired of living in this nanny state, high tax, high unemployment, low wage bullshit hell that is Europe.
People in Europe are nothing but pathetic bootlickers that know nothing of freedom.
I've been thinking about relocating to the US someday if I make my location-independent business work.

What is the freest US state there is?

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The state of rebellion.

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We need to kill some nurses to put the rebellion into high gear.






Yes, you're full of communist retards and bootlickers. You could use a few more freedom-minded people.

The only places left with based people, low taxes, low population, republican governments that like freedom, good gun laws etc are...
South Dakota

That's kinda what I am aiming for.
>taxation as low as possible
>self-defense rights, castle doctrine, etc
>freest states for gun rights (concealed & open carry, civilian militias allowed, etc)
>generally peaceful people
>no extreme weather like freezing half the year (Alaska) or too hot like Arizona or New Mexico

Basically the most "Fuck the Government" state. I don't care if it's a flyover state as long as it has decently sized cities without all the communist retards like in my country.

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Renegade states like Arizona. Don't even need a permit to carry a pistol.

I've been tempted for so long to sell everything I own (but muh tractors and muh 1 ton diesel) and buy a cabin in the mountains somewhere. I inherited 700K and 440 acres so I could probably skate off with about 1.3 after cap gains and just disappear.

Zero question, Alaska

I think you're right. Is it true that even felons can have guns there because they're a necessity?

lol, half the state troopers are felons

If you are white, Tennessee is nice

Just not Memphis, this is actually on the Mississippi border and is where all the colored people live.

>Freezing cold half the year

Better avoid Wyoming then. Seriously, don't come here.

I love Wyo



Like someone said. We are full.

Same, which is why I don't want anyone else to move here. It's bad enough Rawlins is full of illegals and Laramie is full of H1Bs and Coloradans.

TN, AZ should be pretty good tax and politics wise.

AZ near lake tahoe shouldn't be terrible in term of heat. There's also actual forest there. It's rather expensive though.

You should be to texas to live with the mutts you created.

what you're describing is probably best exemplified by Tennessee.
But that's why Tennessee is such a horrible place to raise a family (at least outside of the Nashville metro).
And if you're looking to just come over and be an incel innawoods, then fuck off. America doesn't want single, brown males with no interest in participating in society.

You have to think about what job you'll be applying for before moving. If you can get a job working remotely, the South is great as you can move to a town away from the city where cost of living is insanely low. I am currently saving up then moving back to Kentucky where my wife is from

Any decently sized city is extremely blue pilled, even in Southern States, try to get a job in the city but make sure you get a house at least 30 min away. Your commute might be a bitch depending on the traffic but being far away from those lefties is well with the trouble.

I know many millionaires move to Arizona for that reason. It definitely is on my list.
>if you're looking to just come over and be an incel innawoods,
>brown males with no interest in participating in society.
Not my case and those aren't very nice assumptions to make.
>that's why Tennessee is such a horrible place to raise a family
Care to elaborate?
My plan is to be self-employed with location-independent income so none of that would apply to me.

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how come not a single one of you limp dick motherfuckers even thought about the greatest, freest state in the union?


L I V E f R E E OR D I E

no seatbelt? no problem. constitutional carry. no sales tax. cheap liquor. nature is beautiful, you're close to maine and vermont. people are okay and leave you the fuck alone.

pick any quality of life indicator (education quality, healthcare quality, crime rates, unemployment, private and public debt etc...)
and then look on wikipedia for how each state ranks in those categories.
you'll notice a direct correlation between the things you're looking for (nice weather, low taxes, few govt regulations, ease of doing business) and how much of a shithole those states are.
Maybe that doesn't matter for a single guy just looking to make some dough, hang out, and take care of himself, but schools, healthcare, and safety are like the top three things you should be thinking about when you have a family.
The best states for those measures plus high wages (New England, Minnesota, Mountain west...) are freezing cold in the winter and high taxes whether it comes in the form of income, sales tax or property tax.

That's true to some extent. TN also has good schools with Nashville, but that's also a leftie globohomo hellhole in the middle of the state so you don't actually want to live there...

Missouri has it all, big cities, love our guns, cheap gas, cheap liquor, and some of the cheapest tobacco in the country. Missouri just has a tax for everything but, we are one of the last states to reject the RFID chips and still holding strong. We hate globalist here. You can get big chunk of land in the Ozarks for cheap, live in big white majority cities with lots of opportunity outside of St Louis or Kansas City. If you go for the rural route make sure you join a church and be involved in the community.

I dont mind it...but Alabama may be a lil too thick for this guy.

seething jealous euroshit

You can live in towns that are 4 hour flight away from the nearest law enforcement if you want.