Are black women the most beautiful in the world?

Are black women the most beautiful in the world?

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There is literally nothing wrong with being Jewish

If I saw them in real life I’d run away in horror. They’re not beautiful and I feel disgusting and afraid for having seen those creatures. I’m literally shaking right now

They all look like dudes wtf.

No. They are second only to abbo women

Niggers are the only race where trannies can easily pass because black women are just black men with tits.

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>Seeing them in the middle of the night, with only white of the eyes floating in the air
I'd start believe in ghosts again

They are beautiful, perfect for insemination by my white dick.

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They're disgusting; appearance or smell. That's I stick to huwite women

You can't see them in the dark... What is the point of them


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Nigger eyes are yellowish.

You only need your touch, taste and smell in the dark anyway. Imagine the smell.

Ah, a Romanian beauty.

I had my screen contrast at low, and i first thought those r mannequins

Frida kahlo looked like That?

>look how beautiful this bunch of makeup with a nigger lost somewhere in it is

Oh my gosh. Yes I agree with these. But not black women in general. They are dumb as fuck and smell of fish. These black women are very beautiful and I've ould fuck them till they are white. But black women no. 80% are fucking disgusting.

As if you wouldn't, cuck.

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No, that's the thing about nigger fuckers, it's a literal mental illness, there's nothing attractive about these savage creatures.

Mulatas are nice
Black women are ugly

they look like crypids


You're not there to converse with them, silly.

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Meh, I'd bleach the tall one.

Wat color do u think thier pussys are?


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If I get close to one is put a bullet to their head.

Problem is that amerikans call mulatas black

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Wh*te boys caint handle all of dis!

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I guess the nigger hasnt gotten enough XP to unlock these 4 nigresses

They are NOT for you tryone. Stick to your ebony queens

you mean vagenes?

Brazilian mulatas are queens

North Korean Girls

Is there a genius to North Korea?

Or red a la Michael Jordan

Ya watever u want to call it just post pic of it

Fuck, kill, marry, rape.

That was a hard decision.

Get that shit out of here. Only beautiful black women allowed in white countries.

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Literally monkey throwbacks

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Those arent black, though.

you should be over 18 to post here

Euro admixture.