This is getting serious

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Nice that you guys have a leader who doesn't betray his people to hostile foreign powers.

And that's how we know there isn't any evidence

China bros...

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Anything to deflect blame

As if China isn’t wholly responsible

Well I wish US and China would nuke each other out of existence, world would be better off. And if few nukes landed to Israel. But no.

kill yourself

because he failed to control the pandemic and he's trying to blame it on others.

>debunked, repetitive talking point


absolute reddit reply

How was the massacre at Tiananmen Square? The Chinese Government killed many many innocent Students lol

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Tiananmen Square. Look at all these dead Chinese students lol

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who cares about another genocidal government
deflecting the main argument is what trumptards tend to do

Trump ignored the warnings. He had as much advance warning as S. Korea and didn't take action like they did. They never had to shutdown, we did.

China is at fault, but so is Trump. He's incompetent.

The Virus originated out of China - the garbage country. China let it slip out of their lab. You can tell your superiors that

>Sentiment against China is become very very serious

It’s over.

Fuck lads, we should look up to China in awe at their small 4000 death count and the fact that they kept the west supplied with reliable medical equipment while fighting the invisible enemy. . . . .

Pathologic liar pilled

does Israel have nuclear weapons?

China failed to contain it in Wuhan. It is 100% their fault. They entire world is now infected with a mystery virus because China can’t do anything right

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Unofficially yes


It has been proven the virus had a natural mutation, there's a paper on it. Stop being so fucking retarded.
But still, Trump failed miserably to adopt the correct measures to prevent deaths.
>how does it feel to be this wrong

Yep, Trump's fault. Not China. Europe has 50% of the cases, but I guess Trump did that too. Democrat-governed areas in the U.S. hardest hit. It's totally Drumpf's fault.

Go fuck yourself.

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duh, but good luck getting a kike to admit it

Nice sign user - love it!


What these faggots don’t realize is; every country is furious with China. Blame Trump all you want, what does that have to do with Spain or France getting raped?

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How do the allies fix their economies after the damage of this virus? By fucking raping China. Picker up CCP, the West is sticking you with the bill.

Australia has already signaled they will be sending a bill to China. Other major countries WILL follow

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As someone who live in China I have serious conviction this could totally be from the laboratory.
The chinese work ethics is not existant. If they were working on SRAS variant (and we know they were) they might have dumped the waste everywhere and potentially contaminated people, or not respecting the procedures and contaminate people, or sell the contaminated animals.
Anyway even if it's natural (which is very possible, Chinese wet market are disgusting) the chinese goverment of the situation is absolute bullcrap.
You can also know the virus is not dangerous because they oppenned up the country again. They know they cannot contain it because Chinese people never abide by the rules so if no lockdown it means they don't care about it.

Because they didn't shut down the airports properly. They didn't even test people until it was late. China is responsible for not acting on time and suppressing freedom of speech. Responsibility is shared.

I wish I knew this feeling.

>Yas Forums cries about 9/11 all the time
>a USA president once again says bullshit to start a pointless war

sheeps all of you

>by CCP paid shills
Yeah no

Chink are horrible people. I hate them. I totally suport Iran-like sanction on them. Starve them of the high tech they cannot produce. Given the Chinese education system they will never produce decent engineer at home.

>POTUS confirms it's a bioweapon

Show me your war face

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Nope. 100% China. They failed to contain it and lied ABOUT EVERYTHING. They also told their citizens to travel the country for Chinese New Years.

It is literally 100% China’s fault. No country will forgive them.