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Devs Apr 23
SAA forces targeted with heavy weapons, the towns of Kansfra and Al-Barah in the southern Idlib countryside
SDF on Euphrates targeting a number of ferries and confiscating large quantities of steel and smuggled cement
Protesters have returned to Beirut's Martyr's Square, in a "car march" although not all are staying in their cars. Most, but also not all, are wearing masks
Seven people, including five Syrians, were killed in a shooting in the Harakiyeh area in the Lebanese town of Baakline
Four brigades split from Iraq's PMF in sign of internal rift - Loyal to Shiite cleric Ali Al Sistani, the brigades are now under the direction of the prime minister's office
Iraqi Prime Minister-designate @MAKadhimi reveals his government ministers: Adnan Al-Zarfi included
LNA repels the attack of the GNA in the Ain Zara area and the Casirma area, and the clashes are still ongoing
LNA claims 15 GNA fighters arrested, including Syria nationals
Al Jufra military camp has been captured, as Houthis continue to approach Marib
TOLO reported 19 ANDSF personnel killed in Taliban attack in Logar. Afghanistan
Taliban also claimed operations in Garmsir, Helmand
Joint Forces Operation Press Center: yesterday Russian forces opened fire 8 times.
Ex-President of Georgia Saakashvili confirmed that he has received proposal from Zelensky to become a vice-PM of Ukraine


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Rob Gill
>Multiple armed gunmen storm Michigan’s State House, State police are protecting @GovWhitmer
and blocking the gunmen from gaining access to the house floor.

>This is America in the age of Trump.


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repost of old news

National Farmers Union
Apr 23
>“Just more than 50 factories now process 98% of the nation’s beef. Losing even one of these large processing plants can rattle entire livestock markets.

>At least 11 meat processing plants shut down this month, reducing production capacity by roughly 20% for both pork and beef.”


National Farmers Union
Apr 27
>"The virus has really exposed the flaws of our food system, & how vulnerable it is.

>Farmers have plenty of food, but we don't have many small, regional processors. When workers get sick, these huge plants close down & we can't get the shelves restocked."


National Farmers Union
Apr 27
>About 170 rural hospitals have shut down since 2005, leaving those communities with fewer hospital beds and fewer physicians in the midst of a pandemic.

>“You see people in the ER, potentially sick with Covid-19, waiting for 8 or 12 hours just to be seen.” nytimes.com/2020/04/26/us/hospital-closures-west-virginia-ohio.html


Don't mind me, just posting about the state of US food industry during the pandemic that none of their media, news and even Yas Forums cares about,

Jamaal Bowman
>How is it possible that Congress has passed four different bills that were supposed to provide relief, and yet millions of us still don’t know how we’re going to pay the bills?

>What are they waiting for?

>Cancel rent and mortgages now.


Rania Khalek
>30 million unemployment claims but “the S&P 500 is on track for its best month since 1987, a gain that came even as it became increasingly clear that the Covid-19 crisis was pushing the United States into a dire economic downturn.”

Where are the pitchforks?

where wafafinn @?

Ali Abunimah
>People from all over Indiana held a protest outside Westville prison, which has become a hotbed for COVID-19.


OOF yikes

Enrico Ivanov

>INFO: as we are approaching the inevitable those who praise the US regime in my TL will be considered just like those who support ISIS and other terrorist groups or Nazism apologists.
>I will unfollow and/or block.


Jeffrey Stein
>BREAKING: U.S. officials crafting plans to punish or demand compensation from China over virus, as Trump fumes in >private over pandemic

>Officials discussing stripping China of sovereign immunity (so ppl can sue), or voiding US debt obligations to China


Peter Schiff
>How can any sovereign reading this not sell all their Treasuries and any U.S. dollar denominated debt? We clearly have no ability or intention of repaying the debt anyway, just inflating it away, but an outright threat to officially void the debt may be a wake up call to sell.



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>Source: 669 Tyson workers at Dakota City, Nebraska, plant test positive for COVID-19



Enemies of the USA should just televise videos like this one for propaganda.

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1.1 milion cases
63K dead
30 milion unemployed
economy damaged and artificially inflated
country partially closed due to quarantine
transport infrastructure damaged
factories infected, unhealthy working conditions all around slowing down production
oil in negatives and long below profit margins staying afloat on goverment subsidies about to be bailed
undereported protests and cover ups of them
weakening foreign political position all around and lack of trust in US

YIKES! And that's without elections even officially in the place, so it's gonna be a good one. Not to say that they can chose between two same senile retards who are not going to change anything in the end, but mutts will wreck each other for them.

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The amount of fuel truck the LNA have lost since last night is stupid. Like at least 4 in 4 different places.

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The last one 30 minutes ago was much the same but escorted by 2 turret trucks as if they can shoot down the drone faster than it can take out the big ass fuel tanker.


I did not expect anything good, but it managed to get below my expectations, or above which ever it is.

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That's like saying China was involved in electing the president of Hong Kong. There's no side that isn't Israel in the US.

>The truth
>its actually another bullshit parroting the western fake news narratives

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>There's no side that isn't Israel in the US
the likud party is definitely in favour of Trump over anyone else. he has been the biggest zionist president so why wouldn't they

Yes but it's not like Likud knew that before the elections.They knew both Hillary and Trump would do just fine, it just that Trump was shown to be a lot stupider and Kushner can just tell him what to do. The killing of Suleimani, the "Peace" plan, Trump doesn't have the intelligence to know what is being pushed on him. That's why I think Bibi will like Biden more, the man is literally brain dead.

Man look at all those green protest circles, haven't seen that many since the war began. Civies now protesting to open roads with SAA. There must be huge conflicts of interest happening in Idlib right now.

reading comprehension much? civilians are the ones demanding the roads stay closed, HTS wants to open them

No just me wording it bad. They are protesting against it. Still it's unclear if the civilians stand with Turkey because Turkey had to give away leaflets to promise stuff to them the other day, while the HTS is obviously under some other power that is now against Turkey.

Idlib is split. Few days ago TSK shoot at "protesters" and HTS to open M$, yesterday, HTS shoot at civies on border town for trading with SAA Syria.

It's fucked situation there.

Reading these last posts I can safely say we here at /sg/ have no idea what the fuck is going on with the groups in Idlib.

>Flight this morning from Chania, Greece, to Benghazi, Libya.
We also sent a deizel tanker to Benghazi yesterday. The fact we are getting involved means we got the ok from the US.

this is REAL religion: