American & Canadian Unity Thread


We share common values from the past
A common defense line at present
Common aspirations for the future
Our future
And the future for all man-kind
Geography has made us neighbors
History has made us friends
Economics has made us partners
And necessity has made us allies
Those who nature has so joined together
Let no man put asunder

Its time brothers and sisters. The red menace rises again to tear us apart. Degrade our woman with psyops. Corrupt our political systems.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

Where are my American Brothers
Where are my Canadian Brothers

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Canada is rightful Californian clay.

Based Leafbro. It's time for unity among North American Whites.

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this is what $160 gets you in canada

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this is what $28 gets you in mexico

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You just want our cheap food faggot. Fuck Canada. You are the worst posters on Yas Forums and you by far have the most cucked accent of any native English speaker

That's a lot, no?

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How much is it for you guys?

Yes all the way

you think that's 'alot'? it's £25 worth of food for $160

that just shows how bad things are in canada

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compare to USA thighs

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Lmao relax bro. And for better or worse, most urban Canadian zoomers I know sound identical to the generic American accent. When I’m in Florida everyone thinks I’m from Utah or Colorado

That's a lot, no?

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Not really for $160 dude

it's no more than £25 or USD $28 worth of goods outside canada

this costs $135 in canada or £13.72 in the UK.

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£20 worth of food in the UK (includes wine)

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I've lived there and it really doesn't. The prices are on par with Canada, unless you want low quality meat and produce.

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the evidence shows you to be a liar.

we all know you are here solely to do damage control

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Don't get me wrong, the prices are quite shit here, but Mexico is just as shit.

Why are you buying Liberte? That shit is expensive?

a normal person wouldn't even post itt.

but you are duty bound to make certain posts about how

>lived there and it really doesn't.
>The prices are on par with Canada

Canada is cool in the backwoods, spent a lot of time in rural BC doing salmonid research, really nice place. Needs more guns though.

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Here's to you, brother.

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I like that place

I've been to Sam Hill's house. He built that arch.

I really wish you Europoors would stop posting on English sites before learning the language properly.

post a canadian ham

here is a USA ham

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>canadian canned ham

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can someone explain to me what the Expensive food meme is in Canada? shitty farm land? tariffs on importing from the states? Price of food is higher in more remote parts of Canada? Leafbux buy more USD than Stray'n dollars, you must be able to do better?

imagine you could charge people whatever you wanted because you are the only one with food.