Why can't they get along?

>economically inseparable
>similar cultural root, but still debated because they hate each other and china
>Languages have lots of resemblances unlike Chinese, their grammars and pronunciations for certain words are nearly identical
>Actively denies historical facts on both sides like war crimes or getting full reparations, which should be trivial matters
>Both are US colonies
Part of divide and conquer?

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How many neighbours can honestly get along with each other especially when they are in East Asia?

The only reason we don't have ww3 in Europe is because of the EU. Can you imagine 70 years saying your neighbour is a good person in Europe?

For some reason they think we didn't pay their prostitutes 80 years ago. The story got a bit out of hand.

>Both are US colonies
This is all that matters at the end of the day. So their petty differences are irrelevant and never solved, as they both follow the guidelines established by their master that is propping up their economy to keep China at bay.

>Why can't they get along?
Dunno, bro. Maybe a fucking genocide performed by the Japanese?


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There are 4 main reasons why we hate Japan.

>1. Fake history
>2. Radioactivity
>3. Corona virus
>4. Japan is shithole and they show complex to us

1. Japan made only a formal apology. What we want is not a formal apology. It is for Japan to admit its own mistakes and revise history textbooks.
They are not reflecting on their mistakes. Japan still claim that they developed the Korea.
They dont accept that Japanese military sexual slavery, experiments on living persons, genocide, forced labor, and so on
Japan also fake their ancient history. Japan was a colony of Korea. The king of Japan is descended from Baekje in Korea. But they don't admit it.

2. Japan is still manipulating statistics on the coronavirus.
At least 500,000 people would have been infected in Japan.
However, Japan still does not test enough
Infected Japanese are likely to spread the virus to South Korea.

3. Japan is also manipulating radiation statics. . They claim that radiation is safe but no one believes it.
Japan is damaging South Korea with radiation.

4. The Japanese have become poorer than Koreans.
Japan is poorer than Korea in terms of median income and per capita GDP.
As of 2018, 7.5 million Koreans traveled to Japan, but only 2 million poor Japanese traveled to Korea.
The Japanese now have an inferiority complex to Korea.
Japanese news is full of anti-Korean news, and there are very, very many articles criticizing Korea.
These things make Koreans hate Japan.

>Even now, Japan posts daily disparaging articles about Korea in Yas Forums. I'm sick and tired of it. I hope Japan doesn't pay attention to Korea.


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The only thing left is a proper Korean JAV industry so things get more spicy

And you still deny war crimes
Most nations think EU is a good thing tho.
>4. Japan is poorer than Korea

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But aside from those things, you two share similar cultural values, a similar political system and a similar hatred of China. Aren't those enough for some common ground?

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USA 61299
Australia 50171
Germany 49663
Canada 47617
Korea 44567
UK 43832
France 43816
Japan 43103
Spain 38092
Italy 37127

I'd say it's similar to Poland on Korea's part. They've been fucked over by their neighbors too many times they hate everyone

>a similar political system and a similar hatred of China.

Korea is the country that knows Japan best in the world.

we dont think jap is Democracy
Japan is a democracy only in appearance.
In fact, it is a one-party dictatorship.

and even though South Korea and Japan hate China is fact,
we cannot be hostile to china bcz of economic reasons.

And since Japan relies heavily on Chinese tourists,
Japan has also recently sought to stay close to China.

>it's similar to Poland on Korea's part

completely different

based kpop user
japan hates korea because they know they are never going to be a superpower like them

Fake human, fake face fake tits, kinda fake land
Rip off Japan in every possible way, kinda the better China, but still a rip off non the less
SK still thinking their a power in some way, plz Japan is and still is the 3rd biggest economic power.
Koreans export too many cults, kinda wonder if they got something wrong in their heads.

this is going to be fun


>Koreans export too many cults
what do you mean?

recent news, last president in some fking cult,
got some fking corona virus spreading cult,
heck even their fking same DNA N.korea are in their supreme leader cult.


superpower is china and usa

jap is shithole and weak

but better than dont test enough

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Y r u so salty user?

>heavily into cults and extreme corruption and superficiality
niggers in disguise

Gooks are subhumans. Japs should start bombing them just for the heck of it. Fuck K*rea.

Very simple: both small pee pee

Korea literally proven to be a puppet state by revelation of cult controlling president. Was setup by americans as a buffer zone and is entirely manufactured. No history, all faked, full of plastic surgery, no roots. And worst of all, almost all men are circumsised, which explains why they are so violently angry all the time (no sexual release). Shame, we really need good neighbours and local trading partners. Korean bbq is great too.


On what planet? Anybody who has been to Korea can tell you they are just barely a First World country, and most Korean living coniditins and lifestyles reflect that of a Second World country, especially these days with their economy deep in the shitter under the Moon administration. Lay off the KPop, Consuela.

The Japanese like Korea but Koreans are brainwashed to hate Japan and overreact to everything they do, buncha whiny pussies. Every Korean that has visited Japan realizes they were lied to and Japan is in fact a beautiful country rich in culture unlike Korea.

Every another year is another same faced Girl/Boy Band, milk the money for a few years, then later sold to as sex playthings for the rich.
heck if i can do it i would not too judging(all that free money from their members) but it's basically a cult.

why do the japanese flags here, which we know aren't japanese, pretend to be japanese? are they baiting or being serious?

>Anybody who has been to Korea can tell you they are just barely a First World country

even America which cant handle virus and kills their 60000 people shithole tell that

At least a dictatorship shithole like Singapore cannot create a culture.

They prob. think acting like that means one step towards acceptance which isnt true.

wait, who is pretending to BE japanese? oh wait, now i see you are in america, which means you are severely stupid so let me break this down for you. its a geographic location (place on earth), not a dna test. dumbass

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There should be a DNA test for you faggots though. The Japanese are a superior race and yet japfags are the biggest niggers on this board.

Japan will be stronger than you militarily soon and your current president is a total pussy. He sucks chinese cock and is actually pissing off the US military.

Japan gets f35s and you guys threw a fit about it. The US has chosen their allies. it's Taiwan and Japan.

It's funny bcause Korea engaged in a trade war with Japan and got BTFO and then the virus hit. I fully expect Korea to shill harder for chinese money soon.

You have a complete inferiority complex crying about wars. You gotta let that shit go.

I didn't know the Japs hated Pepsi.

I would try to explain to you, but you are just a white sexpat teacher.

also Japanese don't come to your country because you guys cry about everything. Still crying about comfort women in 2020.

And your thing about GDP being lower than Korea. Straight up fake news. Japan is the 3rd largest economy in the world.

No history because japan literally raped and burned everything down. Japan tried to erase the whole culture and is too stupid to read any history books outside of the ones its own gov gives them. Idiots. Half of tokyo is niggers now, how is that going for you guys?

>Korea: Apologize for colonization
>Japan: Okay, sorry
>Korea: Nooooooooooooooooo you're not sorry enough!
That's the gist of it.