Hypersonic gliders explain the ayy lmao videos

Right now as we speak there's a race between the US, Russia, and China to produce the fastest and most lethal hypersonic glider a like pic related.

These weapon can deliver nukes to you enemy in a matter of minutes and are virtually impossible to detect. Countries that have them will obtain immense power and will have the upper hand in the international stage.

So 100% of hypersonic weapon research is classified. Anything you can do to spread misinformation to your enemy is valid. This is why the US Navy is releasing videos of supposed "unidentified" aerial phenomena. It's just a way to distract the enemy.


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t. alium

How are the gliders propelled?

>It's weather balloons, faggot!

Scramjet most likely. Would be interesting to know if they use PDE to accelerate it to threshold speed before or still use conventional solid-fuel boosters initially.

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If a hypersonic glider made a 90 degree turn it would disintegrate. Also, gliders dont stop and hover.

You know actually it is most likely a functional Shcramjet (Shock-Induced Combustion Ramjet) by now ... that would also align with the initial PDE operation mode until they reach the necessary Staudruck.

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>hypersonic glider
>that sits still
does not compute

aren't UFO's known for extremely tight/impossible turns and acceleration that would knock out a pilot?

Not a viable explaination. We can try to distinct what may be militairy and what is extraterestrial by it's performance, but looking at how vast the universe and everything beyond it is, we can never be sure what we are actually dealing with. Just go ahead and watch a video like "Star Size Comparison 2" which has nothing to do with the subject and try to grasp the extend of the actual reality that is yet unknown to us. We remain simply ignorant, only willing to aknowledge information we can understand or are told by authority.

they don't, nothing humanity can build could do these turns and accelerate like the UPAs. if they are real and not some kind of swamp gas we need to step up physics research because it's proof that we haven't even touched the surface

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Do scramjets have visible exhaust ejections?

do you know what terminal velocity is

>can deliver nukes
Now they just need to invent nukes

Accounts of objects stopping in midair and making 90 degree turns are basically disinformation. The videos recently released by the Navy show none of that.

>But Fravor said that...
Anyone can say anything.

China had them for a decade now. They tested one and it pissed the US off. Basically it can drop through the atmosphere and change its angle sharply so any anti missile tech we have cant shoot it down due to timing and correction aiming.
Think of the iron dome Israel has, shoot missiles down with smaller accurate missiles. Cant hit anything going mach 6 and moving all over the place.

>Hypersonic gliders explain the ayy lmao videos
No, they don't.
Hypersonic gliders don't stand still and take off in midair after being launched.
You're a retard.

What do you think?

Retards looooove the ufo shit.

Real life is so much more horrible. It feels good to ignore Jews and pretend there's some scary shit in the skies

Retards like the pentagon, because they're saying the footage is real?

This guy gets it.
You cunts have no idea what the government does with your tax dollars.

>t. government employee with level 5 security clearance.

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Real life is so much more horrible. It feels good to ignore UFOs and pretend there's Jooos behind everything out to get me.

By the time you see them they aren't being propelled. They're in the descent phase. They're propelled from ballistic rockets or possibly decelerated from orbit.

Stopping and hovering has never been observed. There are morons who can't understand what they're seeing who claim hovering, but that never happens. It doesn't need to. No advanced craft needs to stop in place at any point for anything.

Yes they do which means hypersonic gliders aren’t the explanation

Based and pragmatic pilled

>hurr durr our leaders have the power of gods

Seriously, it’s a lie as old as human history.

based and redpilled

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Bahaha haha haha holy fuck

And no one saw any ionization from reentry for any plumes from a discarded rocket booster?

The footage is real.
The footage doesn't prove alien interference in Earth skies.
The craft you see in the video is, with absolute certainty, a man-made object.
I can't go into much details, but the french especially are very crafty when it comes to making strange machines.

It's nice that they're admitting it's real and that they don't know what it is. Keep in mind that UFO doesn't necessarily mean alien spacecraft, but since Roswell the government has spent millions on debunking the idea that UFOs even exist.

Those craft belong to ancient humans from the last tech era from God knows when.
Or some ancient alien AI singularity who reached peak technology level and knows everything about the universe. I'm sure AI is the true aliens exploring the cosmos.


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>mfw someone saved your weeabum
T-thanks. I used to say rip chink steamer, but on a second thought now he was probably a bat eater.

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>from orbit

Illegal. Like, war crimes illegal.

Thhhh. Thhhh. Hypersonic? What is that, like a hedgehog that drank too much coffee or sumthin?. FAWKING HOMERUN CHIP!

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>Hypersonic gliders explain the ayy lmao videos

lol the UK Ministry Of Defence said
>Their researchers conclude that "the majority, if not all, of the hitherto unexplained reports may well be due to atmospheric gaseous electrically charged buoyant plasmas" [8] which emit charged fields with the capability of inducing vivid hallucinations and psychological effects in witnesses and are "capable of being transported at enormous speeds under the influence and balance of electrical charges in the atmosphere." The researchers note that plasmas may be formed by more than one set of weather and electrically charged conditions, while "at least some" events are likely to be triggered by meteor re-entry in scenarios where meteors neither burn up completely nor impact, but rather break up in the atmosphere to form such a charged plasma. These plasma formations are also theorized to have the effect of refracting light between themselves, producing the appearance of a black polygonal shape with the lights at the corners caused by self-generated plasma coloration (similar to the Aurora Borealis).

Depends on the fuel they burn and surrounding air conditions ... you'll only see exhaust if there is water vapor (or some other gas with similar properties) that can condense. If they accelerate it to threshold speed you will also initially see the exhaust of the solid-fuel rockets that propel it to operating speed.

I never argued that it was aliens.
I argued that it was not a hypersonic craft like the experimental things governments are currently working on because it's flight characteristics just don't line up with the characteristics of a hypersonic gliding thing.

It's not as retarded as you think, but our lives are simply too short for something to actually just happen just to prove the point. Actually people remain trapped by materialistic and earth centered desires. You don't long for space? Looks like you chase after something human civilization has created and trapped you with like a new computer, car or house. This cycle can repeat until the planet is ruined by whatever... overpoulation, natural / disasters etc. but it certainly wont be fun. Looking how things changed in the past 100 years then this is a punitive planet and it only get's worse day by day.

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One of the best UFO cases is from Pheonix, Arizona, 1997.
Thousands of people saw a giant black triangle the size of a football field move over a region of the city, without making a noise. The governor himself saw it up close and even today says it was definitely not us. At the time he gave a press conference "debunking" the sightings, even though he personally saw it. He apologized for lying decades later, but said he had to quell the panic.

>By the time you see them they aren't being propelled. They're in the descent phase. They're propelled from ballistic rockets or possibly decelerated from orbit.
Explain how a glider can hover in descent phase.

They don't have to come down anywhere near the same time.

Tell me what law it violates. (You can't.)

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OP thinks nuclear missiles are subsonic

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Explain Paul hellyers motive for any lmao psychic claims

Maybe if it happened once or twice it would be a plausible explanation. But the Roosevelt and Nimitz encounters happened over weeks, lasting hours at times, and included several different UFOs that pilots saw up close.

>come down at the same time
That has nothing to do with my question.
Also, I have a new question: if it was something that came from that high up, that close to the mainland, why didn't NORAD see it?
user you can't just casually fire an ICBM without a lot of people noticing and getting very nervous.

Easy explanation ...

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It can't "hover"

But people who see it don't understand what they're saying and claim it's "hovering"

Because you and most people are basically retards who aren't able to accurate report what you've seen because you don't understand what you see. I'm looking forward to their processing plants to round up stupid people (If you think it's not you, it's definitely you) and just break them down into DNA and resources. It's what you deserve.

No. Its nazis.
>stays in place

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read the Bible.

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You’re an idiot. There’s supersonic, and then there is hypersonic (~20x speed of sound)
Eat some lunch Frenchie I think your blood sugar is low

"nothing human can build these", you nazis sure aint human then

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>Shhhh ... you idiot!!

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>that has nothing to do with my question
It does. You can put anything you want in orbit and with the right mechanism bright it back down at any time.

>user you can't just casually fire an ICBM without a lot of people noticing and getting very nervous.

And yet they do it all the time, any time a satellite is launched.

The difference is that the Sat doesn't come back down. Are you starting to understand?

Ok bro, I'm sure dozens of pilots and radar operators that the military spent hundreds of millions training cannot distinguish when an object is hovering in place or moving.