Fortnite Zoomies

What the fuck is wrong with society?

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What am I looking at exactly?

A video game called fortnite with a giant nigger in the middle of the map


you get two types of zoomers, extremely based ones and extremely brainwashed ones
t. the first kind of zoomer

>Not knowing about giga nigga.
Only quads can defeat him.


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Say what you want about the game but the event doesn't look that bad

>ameri.. jewish culture

Sure thing Tyrone

>USA doesnt deify niggers

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oof kys nigger

Yes I'm Tyrone in a 99,9% white country. Das rite

nah my man, I'm one of the few (5 or so) million whites left, one of the main reasons why I'm redpilled

Zoom Zooms are cool af tho.
Weird a bit, but I think it’s only coz they’re a coupla gens removed from me.
They are a very real existential threat to the boomer mind tho.
That is why they are gearing up to sacrifice them in untold numbers in a major war with China.
Sorry zoomers. It’s just what they do when a woke gen emerges.
They fear you.

Cut off the internet

American culture is centered around niggers. They have holidays for niggers. They killed hundreds of thousands of white men to free niggers. They listen to nigger music. They elect a nigger as their president. They dress and act like niggers. They draw the entirety of their modern culture from niggers. They post sassy gifs about niggers. They watch sportsball in worship of niggers. Their biggest event of the year involves throwing parties in honor of niggers playing sports. They use nigger slang like "bruh" and "thot". When you say "Martin Luther" they're not thinking of the father of protestantism. They're thinking of the nigger. Their cities are completely overrun with niggers. They worship their ZOGbot police force disproportionately filled with niggers and their global police force of soldiers filled with niggers. Their men sit around watching nigger ball while their women sit around watching nigger talk shows. They worship niggers like Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson and the late Mike Tyson while attacking the whites who actually built their country before niggers took over. Their movies are filled with niggers and their music charts are topped by niggers. They send niggers to the Olympics and celebrate when the niggers win because those niggers are true red blooded american niggers. They watch nigger porn to a point where "BBC" does not make them think of an international media company but about nigger penises instead. They will tell you how much they hate niggers and how the mutt's law meme is a stale joke and they are just pretending to love niggers but the evidence speaks for itself in that America has always been and will be a nation of nigger loving niggers

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Read em lads

Marshmallow event = soul
Travis Scott event = souless

Send him to Yas Forums

Zooms Zooms are weird but they are cool af.
That is why the Boom Booms are gearing up to sacrifice them in untold numbers in a major conflict with China.
Sorry zoomies you guys are an existential threat to the powers tgat be.
They do this whenever a dangerous gen emerges.
They will focus you against a common enemy or kill you off.
As a gen x I feel for you bro’s and sis’s.

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Cringe. Your post reads like some woke nigger typed it. Get the fuck out of here.

If you think a rapper being in a video game is a huge problem in society you should probably buy a gun and shoot yourself

All thanks to brits. Fuck you and your ancestors.

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Why not shoot the niggers instead

Is it legal to be this based?

>a video game that millions of impressionable little kids play
If that shit wasn't already everywhere else it would be even more disgusting. Kys nigger.

no, it's criminally illegal

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it was based af senpai
youre probably that looser nobody wanted to hang out with in HS


Good things us latinos are the ultimate life forms and we will emerge victorious as all the other races go extinct thanks to their silly prideful egos.

Nigger will be 4 billions in 80 years thanks to the European and Americans showering Africa with aid. If you want to win you have to be quick.

what the hell happen to fortnite? i thought it was just building stuff and shooting.

>kill half the niggers in Africa just to grow that sweet sweet sugar
>Africa's fucked, millions dead
Remind me, how is your nigger-loving our fault?

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