David Rothschild, A true enviromentalist with a heart of gold

So, what are you doing to help the earth? absolutely nothing.

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the fuck did the world ever do for me.

>has enough leasure time to whine on the internet all day

the world allowed you to exist and be able to complain about it.

just a front to hide his participation in the cabal

anyone who disagrees is a glownigger

Yeah, fuck the Rothschilds and fuck sliding shils.

no link you faggot, you need saged to the max

shut up, fag.
humanity is being threatened by covid-19, innocent children are dying, elderly people who have build your future are dying, yet you care about some plants and trees? are you retarded?

synagogue of satan cannibal nigger.

> Rothschilds

your antisemitism is showing. David Rothschild did more for this world than we ever will.
pathetic, there is no cabal. keep your wet dreams to yourself.

>allowed you to exist
as if ANYONE had asked for it

If you don't wish to be here no one is preventing you from leaving.

>humanity is being treated by covid-19, gratuitous children are dying, elderly people who have caused your future being cadaverous before it even started, by creating degenerate boomers are dying, yes you should care about plants and trees!
ftfy nigger

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More like Rothschad

>meme flag
>helps the earth
>doesnt check his rants on twitter

he is in a position to not give two shits about you and your lacking perceptive into his idolatry. why dont you go eat shit, reply to this post, and not use a memeflag you spergtastic blubber of whale piss?

Are you denying the fact that he exists and is able to influence governments all over the world via extortion and bribery? Do you think that much power in so few hands unaccounted to humanity is a good thing? Might as well go with authoritarian government holding all the control and the economy by it self, at least then whatever happens you know who to blame, with private oligopolies buying out politicians and institutionalized bureaucracy no much so in a supposed democracy, as they all end up working for the private interests of the few anyways while pretending to be democratic by spewing the empty platitudes and promises that never end up becoming a reality.

"THE WORLD" has neither allowed nor denied anything to exist
noone has any reason to be grateful or ungrateful to anyone except themselves
ESPECIALLY not to personify "the world"

A jew is a jew no matter what.
Shut up and go back to eating your grass faggot.

not so much*

based and tedpilled

honestly you're all racist fascists who only care about demonizing jews.

He fucks kids

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look mom !
i called them fascists again for disagreeing with me !
remember fren, you will be here forever

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Imagine thinking that I'll take anything a nazi says seriously.

There is literally nothing wrong with being Jewish

>demonizing jews
Jews do that to themselves

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Nazis were jews

>your opinion ins invalid because it opposes mine, therefore you are a nazi.
>can't argue with logic.
your choice, hypocrite.

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I'm not even jewish and I know jews did nothing wrong. It's just because whites were always racist pieces of shit. We have been persecutaed throughut history because of antisemitism.

>I'm not even
>We have

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If a Jew is doing something you should do the opposite.

How can you be persecuted because of antisemitism if you aren't jewish?