What the fuck? Video from 2008 predicts WW3 in 2020 with the use of bioweapons


I'm excited for the war user, are you?

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>world population reduced to 1 billion
>the West wins
God I wish this shit was real

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This is insane... So the roman empire is still there and thriving in the shadows. Bump.


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The first killer robot will be italian manufactured.

Just pack your shit and move to the FARM already.
ffs food supply chain insecurity is a real thing and it's gonna hit you hard

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am i stoned or did this video also predict notre dame?

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Which stocks would be best to purchase pre-chink war





bravo six lights out

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wtf who made this and how did they know

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The planning is not on schedule tho, there are a lot of irregularities and notre dame is being restored by French Billionnaires, The Barcelona Cathedral is still up and a couple of virologists attempting something fishy in Spain, they ran over policemans, but they have been arrested.

Saint Peter square is untouched too.

Trump wasn't predicted.

That youtube channel obviously worship AI / Rotschild Bio Tech singularity religion. But AI is still nowhere near singularity levels and we will never see that kind of singularity happen at the rate our very poor state of AI really is.

The plans are obviously getting aborted.

Shut up meme flag

Kek derailed their plan

Based. I agree with ya on all points.
But you also can't cancel the climate fuckery and the food security disruptions.
With the world that is so heavily intertwined it's rly easy to see the horrible mess that is coming

I can be smug as you have utterly, completely failed to subvert the great awakening.

Get fucked, humanity doesn't need that "kind" of AI.

Soon this side is winning.

Your kind are scared and rightfully so.

Take your medication you poor basedboy

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this is pretty damn creepy

if kim jong un and Venezuela falls as is the will of america then i'll welcome my new overlords and convert myself a diehard westerner if not China is the way

I mean it’s not that accurate, only thing is the Norte dam

Anyone could of guess the biological thing, world war 3 isn’t happening at all

I wonder how dumb mutts rly are..

What makes you think WW3 won’t happen?

because nothing ever happens

Lmao hopefully you’re right bro

Fucking based if true. I want a qt legionary gf.

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Look at Deagel US population predictions for 2025 :)
Murricans are F U C K E D

Stopped the video at

>The West and their direct democracy

Man what a shitty life I was born into

lmao that's what got me too, ridiculous.