Coronavirus And Ethnic Minorities

Coronavirus kills more blacks and Asians in the UK than white population

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Black's and paki are unhealthy as fuck, They're all fat retards who live off KFC, They aren't from lines of ancestors who travelled the world and encountered every disease the planet has to offer. Their immune systems are shit tier.

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I hope that this is because it actually is killing more of the fuckers and not just because we have severely underestimated how many of them live here.

Shitskins are summer creatures. They can't stay home 5 minutes.
I had a spic roommate once and they have a compulsion for going out several times per day, it was unbearable.
These creatures evolved as nomads, unlike us whites, who are winter creatures and evolved to be reliant on sheltering habit as a mean to survive.
That's why shitskins are associated with loitering, that's why niggers are known as porch monkeys.

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Nonwhites live more often in big cities

I thought because they’re on the frontline like being bus drivers, cab drivers, elderly home workers, etc and easily exposed to the virus.
Also the NHS is sidelined them in order save them from the disease


The great niggerkiller virus is sent from God. Thank you based chinks.

It's because their slobs who consume nothing but takeaway tier food. All pakis just live off curry and blacks live off fried food. I'm not even stereotyping. Then they act suprised when they're all dying in their 50s.

Pakis and Bangladeshis are unhealthy, much more likely to have diabetes, heart disease, are skinny fat or general fat bastards. That, and they permanently vitamin D deficient.


That sucks.

Europeans have the most HLA genes

Sadly, they'll make a super Corona strain once it's gone through them

>virus is very efficient at killing people
>we should put whitey on the front line
No agenda here, bin your knife, rat on your neighbor, clap your hands, stay at home

We got told to stop calling them Orientals so now they're all named after the continent

just the UK? weird, so it's the opposite everywhere else?

Minorities arent very hygenic.

>super corona strain
so itll just be twice as effective at killing gooks and niggers and normal effectiveness against whites, whys that bad?

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>when the normie began to hate


Europeans have the best immune system, but it means they're prone to more autoimmune conditions.

Blacks are dying far more in the US. Australian Aboriginals will literally be TKO from this thing.

Asia and Europe are technically one continent

Wasted get calling me a normie

>Ethnic Minorities
Whites are a global minority

their are to many people on the planet. nature wants to curb the population, white people are modest, while asians are not.


May corona be the non-white genocide every prays for.

Americans excel at world geography, you should be teaching, my lad.

Acceptable losses? I am in

When a nation uses the hoaxes properly that's who the targets should be, blacks , but in the USA unfortunately the target is white people , so if you don't want to die of the wuflu hoax I suggest you not visit any hospitals, they will intubate you for stepping on a nail and you will not survive a collapsed lung and provoked pneumonia hence die of the kungflu

All Muslim minorities are essentially inbred because they get married to their cousins and have retard babies there is a problem in the UK with birth defects and genetic illness in the Paki community your 4x more likely to be a retard if your parents are Pakis in the UK. I guess that is what 1000+ years of inbreeding does

Could be why no one knows anyone that has caught it

Time for that second wave!

>First cousin is first choice
lol, there arabs are at least good for a laugh