HAPPENING! Trump said Corona-chan is lab-made

> Timestamped vid: youtube.com/watch?v=0aqMpfUtJfw&t=1h41m37s

> Trump said Corona-chan is lab-made

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TRUMP We're looking specifically where it came from, who it came from, how it happened, separately and also scientifically, and what we will be able to find

JOURNALIST My question is have you seen anything at this point that gives you a high confidence that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was the origin of this virus.

TRUMP Yes, I have. Yes, I have. And I think that the World Health Organization should be ashamed of themselves. Because they are like the public relations agency for China. And this country pays them almost 500 million dolalrs a year, and China pays them 38 millions dollars, a year and whether it's a lot or more does not matter, it's still... they shouldn't be making excuses when people make horrible mistakes, especially mistakes that are causing hundreds of thousands of people around the world to die.

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Was obvious from the beginning that this would happen. Gulf of Aden soon impassable ... mark my words.

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He didnt say it was made in a lab. But originated.

The lab, knowing China, must have had chinese safety standards and released the bat virus they have been researching into the wild.

B-but WaPo said the purpose of safety violations is to make it more safe and it happens in the US all the time!!

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Immediately before this exchange, the journalist asks Trump if he saw the statement from Director of National Intelligence that the virus is natural and Trump is like WTF, who personally signed this shit?
However note Trump repeating the word "mistake".

>He didnt say it was made in a lab.

Nah ... although it is clearly genetically modified by PCR mutagenesis knock-in. Classical gain-of-function strain, likely to study the interaction of the modified spike protein with CD169 via sialic acid glycosylation. But that would attract unwanted spotlight to the United States' own bioweapon (or counter-bioweapon) research I guess. Chink biotech Chernobyl narrative also works with a "natural" virus.

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This picture WTF
Moar chimera viruses is exactly what we need


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It’s not a real picture you silly kielbasa :^) but we still love you

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Chernobyl 2.0 Wuhan Edition: Bioweapon Boogaloo
SARS 2.0 Dengue Expansion Edition with HIV DLC and ZC45 Neurotoxicity Add-on

They’re already spinning?

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Kek, this! The little fuck can actually hijack your macrophages to subvert the downstream immune response ... likely as a "side effect" this also allows it to hitch a ride into the deep lung tissue and who knows where else. Seems though that not everyone is susceptible to this ... maybe variations in the CD169 receptor, have not looked that one up yet.

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Thx, Chang ... now I know where the "virus is fake" angle is originating from. Don't you think it is a bit too late for preemptive narrative control now? ;)

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So what is the deal with this shit?
Found a chink paper saying that the lymphocyte count drops during infection
This is paradoxical, it should be going up, unless it's infecting them
But people say it can't replicate in T-cells contrary to HIV

Commies are not people

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glad to know that i am important enough for you to stalk me in each thread

Pay me or i will keep exposing the truth


pay me or i will keep exposing the truth

Most likely there is more COVID deaths than officially registered.

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>Pasteur was wrong
>Viruses don't exist
Go and do your schizo posting somewhere else

Pfff, you alphabet soup fuckers better start paying ME ... or I'll keep shitting over your little narratives and watch you pick the peanuts out of the mess. Srsly, you don't wanna make me angery. :D

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>This is paradoxical, it should be going up, unless it's infecting them

No, as the virus hijacks CD169-positive macrophages. These cells "report" to your T-cells to instigate an adaptive immune response ... but while contacting the T-cell the virus interfers and delivers a "kill signal" to the T-cell, stopping the immune response and depleting lymphocytes.

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Covid19 is a weapon of mass destruction, created by the chinese. Some idiot chinese scientist accidentaly released the virus into the wild, and he kept his mouth shut because you know what the Chinese Goverment would do to him if he confessed.

Chinese are very dishonste people. And there is ZERO exceptions. The chinese dont have a moral compass, and any nation that trades with them is cursed.

You might as well lick Satans anus and get a better deal, than stretching your hand to a chinese guy.

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Eeeeh, I don't like my anus being licked ... who told you that bullshit?! :D

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Trump said its just a mild flu and a demokrat hoax

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So you're saying that the primary infection is in lungs or whatever, but it has an extra feature that it kills your immune system so it does interefere with the primary mission? This is what the HIV code does? Is this a bug, or a feature?
Who the fuck would be sociopathic enough to engineer something like that?
Oh wait...

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