Was he more based than Hitler?

Was he more based than Hitler?

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nazis were cringe

Fake quote and no, Christianity is based and only niggers who are retarded dislike it. Ducking retard. I hope someone murders you and dips your balls in lava. Fuck you


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>faggy satanists who fucked kids in his Camelot LARP castle
>muh based pagan kek


Thanks retard, very hurtful

Going to prison for bad touching white kids and joining the aryan brotherhood is pretty cringe cmv

If you think ritual faggotry and black magick are based then yeah

No Hitler was definitely more based IMO. Himmler got too carried away with old Germanic religions and occultism and Hitler stayed grounded with political realism
>fake quote
kill yourself, you don't have a clue what you're talking about

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They both diddled kids tho. Is it worse that they were white?

This and based.

Who the fuck is going to read this shit? Don't shit up the thread.

it's a shame christcucks will derail this thread though

Actually pretty based. Shame it hasn't happened yet, granted most "Christians" don't even practice their faith anyways

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No they did not

Reminder that no original German manuscript of table talks exist. It is regarded as unreliable and in accurate filled wi half fake and half real quotes by real revisionists .

lol saying that after posting shit like this

yeah it'll be even harder for America to overcome christcuckery than Germany. But it's something that must be done.
>Table talk was fake!

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it has though. the religion is a corpse among white zoomers.

this. I'm not even saying what's in it is necessarily inaccurate, but for people to treat it as a legitimate source unquestioningly is absurd. then again so is most of the western historical canon surrounding WWII

Christianity and the other Abrahamisms are just misinterpretated, the only ones who've understood the bible is like two buddhists lmao.
Spirituality (non-religious) certainly has a place, even a central one at that, in the fourth reich.

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See the more cum guzzler. That comment shows your care not for the truth only what fits you pagan bath bullshit narrative.

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Why did this literal autist hate Poles so much?

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spoken like a true herd animal!
just because one overcomes christcuckery does not mean one has to take up the pagan religion.

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LARPers universally btfo


Where is that quote from. I’ve provided reason for why table talks in not reliable.

I know this faggot hated slavs and all...but did a Pole fuck his wife or something?

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>muh AZ quotes

He hated Catholics

Fake quote

>no source for quote

Table talks is reliable you massive faggot.

>what is historical proof

>every kike movie tells us to reject god
>every faggot news source cites athiest "intellectuals"
>athiesm is the fastest growing "religeon"
There is a direct correlation between lack of christianity and degeneracy.

Hitler saying that asians had a superior history in that books makes me think it’s fake

yes but this site is full of VPN jews trying to make you worship Satan

No it fucking isn’t : inconvenienthistory.com/9/3/4880

if David Irving says Table Talk is authentic and reliable then I trust him than literally anybody else on the planet. The 'Table Talk is fake!' sentiment comes from christcucks who cannot cope with the fact that high ranking nazis and Hitler were (gasp!) not Christians.

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>"Kill the Catholic poles"
>Suck muslim dick


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Chinese recorded history goes back 5000 years
German recorded History goes back 1500-2000 years
How is that a fake statement? That's a humble and factual statement

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David Irving isn’t even a revisionist. He believes Jews were gassed now. You can put your fingers in your ears and ignore the truth or read :inconvenienthistory.com/9/3/4880

nobody was more based than Hitler
Himmler probably killed a few hundred kikes though so he deserves some praise for that

Kind of funny how 97% of the reich was Christian too .

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Hitler was pro Christianity in public, but couldn't care less about the religion behind closed doors.
Even Gobbels who was extremely religious in his early days, slowly started to move away from religion the more he became closer to Hitler.

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Fuck off Chang thousands of years of eating dogs isn’t based and the Europeans have the best history

I don't agree but this Nazi was cringe, all that occult shit is fuckin gay

>Meme flag
>Hurr dur name same
It almost like Jews have taken German surnames.