In three words describe your first time having sexual intercourse!a

>She was underaged

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OP's fat mom


We were underaged

bags of sand

could not ejaculate

She raped me

No one ever ejaculates except in porn

She was underage

In friends bathroom.

It's wierder than you think

Plastered small black

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On the one hand, she was a virgin, so had no idea and just thought I was some uberchad because I fucked her on & off for hours.
On the other hand, that fucking pain. Holy shit.
Never felt such pain before.

>uncle Jerry ;(

I didn’t cum

Niggers. Tongue. Anus

It wasn't consensual

What? You asked for 3 words, I wrote them. What's so weird about it?

i choose picachu

Normalniggers get out

Nothing I'm joshin u

Nothing was gained.

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Will never happen.

Fuck off to Yas Forums
All of you

Nigga Cock Balls

wait this is /pol?

jesus christ...... truly a dead board

It didn't fit

no gay, amazing id


Whos Josh? What's he got to do with it?


Need more info

still hasn’t happened

stinky drunk pussy

>do I pay first or...

could barely get hard due to pressure, was so excited

girl thought there was something wrong with her, lul

Single Black Mom

I was underaged.

Ahhh a man of culture and high taste

I got bribed.

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