Black man pours drink over struggling homeless White guy

Imagine if the roles were reversed. Infuriating

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it's just niggers being niggers

das rite

any blacks you see downtown are up to no good. whether its scoring/ selling drugs, begging for change, looking to steal stuff, you name it. just stay as far away from them as possible.

Spics and whites need to unite to genocide every single nigger in existence

Good, honestly. I hate homeless people even more than I hate niggers, and man oh man do I hate niggers.

Doxx the sob

Video was saddening

Is Sweden waking up?

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KYS you fucking shit

Downtown or not, I avoid them altogether.

Don't cry when a house full of niglets in the ghetto gets burned down in response to your pouring drink on the homeless

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Ok, Mahmoud.

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Apparently they were already I think those are the same black dudes who have been fucking with Mexican vendors in LA

America, the land of the white.

>imagine if a homeless guy poured a drink on a black man

But since you have black hair and eyes you are yourself a nigger. There's also a chance that you're a woman whose opinions do not really matter regardless of who tells you otherwise

>Imagine if the roles were reversed
cringe every time I see this gay bullshit, sounds like begging your jewish masters would treat you more fairly

anyone willing to subvert this shit?

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Niggers gonna nig. Nothing new here :/

leaf'd and bluepilled

Staged video.

Black vs. White.

Divide and conquer.

Why are white women such animal fuckers? Disgusting

He probably went home and banged his pink princess gf after that

Based nigs dabbing upon simps with no paper. No respect for niggas not countin chips out here in the Wild West.

I seriously hope these are white swedes and not some stupid arab thinking he is based. because arabs aren't based, they are just stupid redneck jews. both want to exterminate the white race.

Seething whiteboi

america you need to shoot as many niggers as possible.


Are you a spic? They're just as destructive as niggers, fuck nigs AND beanerz

Never had one mouth off to your little sister while you’re walking with her, then beg like a coward and call you “sir” when you threaten to beat his face in? Or had one start screaming like a lunatic and turning trash cans over, then headbutting the side of your truck while you’re waiting for the guard to buzz you into the building, eh?
Spend five fucking minutes in an area they infest and you’ll want them all dead, too. At least niggers usually keep to themselves in their ghettos. Homeless are a spreading disease and they harass literally everyone. I’d love to light one on fire if I was sure I’d get away with it.

>Imagine if the roles were reversed
Thhhh. Thhhh. You mean like if a drink poured a black man over him or sumthin? Thhh. Fuckkin good one Chippa!

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Okay /pol, you already done this before, i know we can do this.

Someone need to find this homeless person, interview him and throw a nice go fund me or some way to help that guy.

Let's unwrong that guy so hard this nigglet will crawl in his hut in shame.



>any blacks you see are no good. stay as far away from them as possible.

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Better video from the source

>ftw no communist style community organizing to foster racial unity and give homeless White men work.

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Wtf I love Israel now?

>a whole wall of GAY SHIT
Umm, NOOOO?? HOW about instead we do the NORMAL thing, okay, you already done this before, i know we can do this

someone need to find this niggerfaggot nonperson, interogate him, and throw gasoline around for a nice flaming or some way to cook that guy.

Lets unnigger our cities so hard those niggermanlets will crawl back into their fly ridden mud huts back in africa in shame.

Go fuck yourself faggot, they should find the nigger and lynch him, and piss on the homeless guy.

amen brother

spics are a bigger threat to white america than niggers.

From the way he rose his hand he's clealry a vet you guys ARE inhumane piece of shits, or kikes, or both, HOLY HELL you deserve a kick in your nuts and never be allowed to reproduce again, the both of you.

conservatives hate homeless people
but they hate black people more so they'll side with the white homeless guy and fakeoutrage about it

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Post material

what a fucking nigger, the clochard even make the military salute, what a fucking disgusting nigger.

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This, fuck these street junkies they either need to OD or get a fuckin job

Kill all niggers