The commie party of Sweden is hosting their canceled labour day parade on World of Worldcraft (retail) in less than 5...

The commie party of Sweden is hosting their canceled labour day parade on World of Worldcraft (retail) in less than 5 hours.


WoW is F2P up to lvl 20
If you download it for free now and get it up and running in less than an hour.

It would be a shame if their event got raided

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Copied from Google translate


Realm: Argent Dawn.
Location: Valley of Trials, Durotar.
Time: May 1, at 3:00 pm

We gather at 15 in the Valley of Trials and trains together to Orgrimmar, where we get to listen to speeches by, among others, Jonas Sjöstedt! Experienced players as well as beginners are welcome!

If you have any questions or need help, send us a message at First May in Azeroth.

Key information:

3pm - Collection in the Valley of Trials. Distribution of red clothing to those in need.
15:20 - We start to train towards Orgrimmar.
15:45 - We have arrived at our final destination at Orgrimmar. We listen to speeches by, among others, Jonas Sjöstedt. The speeches are in text form and English and we read them in the game itself. However, Jonas Sjöstedt's speech will also be played in our separate Discord channel (voice chat for those who want).


* Aeque - orc, freelance socialist
* Daniel Bernmar (Dakrunch) - Municipal Council (V) Gothenburg
* Carolina Gustafsson (Carocolossus) - Chair of women's organization (V)
* Jonas Sjöstedt - Party leader (F)

(Jonas Sjöstedt's speech is presented by Rodbjork ingame, and is played as an audio file in Discord.)

Copied from Google translate pt.2

It will take a while to get started and download the game so please do this some day before the first of May. All you need is a computer, internet and an email address. The game is free to download and try.

1. Download World of Warcraft at
Click the "Try" button and it costs nothing. Then click "Windows", and "Download for Windows". Open the installation file after it has been downloaded and follow the instructions.

2. Create a Blizzard account at

3. Open the World of Warcraft / app, log in with your newly created account and select World of Warcraft (Not World of Warcraft classic) and click "Play".

4. Log in with the information from your Blizzard account. At the top right you will see a button that says "Change Realm". Click on it and find the realm "Argent Dawn". Click it and then "Okay". The game will warn you that the realm is full - ignore it.

5. Create a character. To do this, click "Create New Character" in the lower right corner. To the left, select "Orc" - the green guy with a lower bite. You can choose gender and class completely freely. Then press "Customize". Here you can change the look of your character. After you are satisfied, select a name and then click "Finish". Then click "Enter world".

6. Finished! After a brief introduction, you will now find yourself in the Valley of Trials, the starting point for the May train. You move with the arrow keys and move the camera by holding down the right mouse button and moving the mouse pointer.

i see these fuckers stickers everywhere its annoying.

imagine if such a vile event like this one happened again

Bumping for glory, kill them all... in azeroth


Not wasting HDD space for retail, would attend in classic.

>Argent Dawn
They are doing a protest on an RP server.Shame the protest isnt in the goldshire inn.

>They are doing a protest on an RP server
Pretty fitting considering their dildo ideology

Fuck, I remember when that happened.

Shit was so fucking based, people where seething for weeks afterwards!

>There is no picture to show how sad I am that no online game will be that much fun ever again.

So commies are the only ones left on retail.

>Imagine NOT playing private WOTLK server sunwell and reliving the game at its most beautiful peak at this very moment.

Polsk ungdom vinge har spilt HoI4 sidste måned

this could be glorious, bump

this could be glorious, bumping

Fug yes Bump

Not subbed, but godspeed to the neckbeards who are

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at least we know how based gaming was

on loading screen now. all you have to do is create an orc on argent dawn. will post updates

please don't raid this event

it would devastate them

But then you will be joining the commies you idiot. Starting point for Alliance is elsewhere.

Can you play as black man in an afro with a tuxedo?

nevermind it's on argent dawn EU server


Das a lot of commies

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>attending a protest
>means your a commie

nah man just because i want to be where the action is doesn't mean i agree with what they're going to say.. i'd just like to hear them out and what others there have to say in critique

Lmao Utøya 2.0 in WoW

Georges Soros paid blizzard 45 Million dollars so the deep state / CIA could use their chat systems across their games to continue their shadow operations.

Bump for great justice

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So this is where the great street battles between the nationalists and the communists of the 21st century take place.


Garrosh did nothing wrong

Light is right

Light power