Do you think most boys are genuinely incels or its just agoraphobia. Most "incels" i see are decent looking

Do you think most boys are genuinely incels or its just agoraphobia. Most "incels" i see are decent looking.

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Pair single mom upbringing with circumstances of a retarded godless middle class and you get a bullied nerd who sits at home contemplating suicide.

Something worse: outright social exclusion on a broader scale.

most just don't want to put in the work

haha ye... as if

The vast majority of incels are homosexuals in denial. There was a study which proved it a couple of years back

They need just to cut trees in the woods.

I think I'm pretty ugly but I feel like a bitch for never having even asked a girl out so maybe it is just agoraphobia. Tfw shrodinger's incel.

I do think it's some sort of anxiety disorder.

I really think thats where the problem stems. Men are afraid to ask women out and less about physical attributes.

I'm well above average looking and athletic. I volcel'd all the way through high school and college because I DIDN'T WANT TO GET STDs. Unwanted pregnancy was also a fear of mine and the one nobody brings up: psycho stalker bitches. Sleeping around aimlessly causes problems.

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90% of all memeflag threads are the same old spam

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It's not really that they're ugly. They're retarded. Finding a girl as a literal retard is probably almost impossible

Not being able to find a woman is just a symptom. Don't know if you noticed how literally everything is going into the shitter.

Incel is a buzzword for lonely white man
The sooner this board realizes that and stops using the word the better

Its hard to be confident when you are broke case closed.

>blue eyes
Volcel. He can just go to SE asia

The majority of them look fine and that shouldn't be a factor, but they continue to insist it is. I think it's a confidence issue. The most outspoken are literal 20 year olds fresh out of high school with no life experience and nothing to show off expecting Stacey to suck them off and never really knowing how to get girls.

I met a kid with downs syndrome who had a girlfriend a few months back
you guys are either too chicken shit to ask a girl out, horrendously ugly, or closet homosexuals
chop chop faggot, once you get into your thirties you become gross and even your own wife won't want to fuck you
imagine going straight from incel to permacel because you wasted your youth being a bitter cunt

Thhhh. Thhhh. Incels? You means like in prison or sumthin? Thhhhhh.

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I think it's just timid personality combined with the modern world. Timidness makes a man try quite rarely. This was okay in the past, because there just wasn't that much competition in little villages. Now, trying only a handful of times means that you get rejected literally every time. This obviously makes you insecure and lonely and eventually resentful and angry. Combine this loneliness with seeing girls hand-in-hand with immigrants, and you get Yas Forums.

It doesn't help at all that our feminised societies literally teach men to be timid. It is taught as a virtue to boys. It's not. It's one of the most destructive things you could do to a little boy.

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>not being a voluntary incel

more like they become gay because they receive 0 attention from women so turning to men is the only choice for them

There was competition in small villages. The ratio of men to women doesn't change just because there's less people. It's the same competition regardless of how many people are around.

The truth is that most men throughout history did not pass on their genes, just as most male animals do not either. The one man one woman marriage thing is a relatively new concept to the human race, it's literally unnatural. What we are seeing now is a just a return to the norm.

How the fuck did the stick phase through like that???

Yes, you also forgot to add being a victim of dysgenics.

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>It's the same competition regardless of how many people are around.
That's not true even remotely. The more people you have, the slower it will be to find a matching between the sexes. This should be immediately obvious to everyone. If you had only one man and one woman, there would not be much thinking to do. You can try it precisely one way. If you have ten men and ten women, you can already have 10! different matchings. If you only have a fixed number of random trials, you will never find this perfect matching if the population is large enough.

Furthermore, marriage used to literally remove people from the dating pool. Now, it's in constant rotation even beyond the initial dating phase, and one man can go through hundreds of women in his life time.
>The truth is that most men throughout history did not pass on their genes,
>What we are seeing now is a just a return to the norm.
What is your point? Should some situation be acceptable because it was common in the neolithic period? That's stupid. The real truth is that all are programmed to pass on their genes.

you are right, i'm more of a mentalcel than someone who is so ugly no woman would like. anxiety issues and shyness are my major problem

Good question. Quantum tunnelling maybe.

remember when you could exist without being categorized into an innumerable amount of buzzwords?

Well it goes both ways. In order to ask out women you need some sort of reciprocal sign from them that they are interested. A good percentage of men never get these signs, so it's no wonder they don't go through with it. Despite popular belief that its up to men to do all the work, it's really a two way street.

i suspect that 99% of incels have some kind of relationship problem with their mom

Why do you suspect that?

they don’t have interesting personality. look is not everything but they insist that they’re incel because how they look. in reality they’re incel because they’re boring, no fun people

She's not gonna suck you off before you take her out for coffee, bud. All you need for your "sign" is her to be talking and interacting with you. Make her laugh without dick jokes and don't talk about sex. That's literally the two rules. Make her laugh a couple times and then just ask her if she wants to do something. Another good tip is invite her to a future place you're already going (like out this weekend with your friends) so if she says no, it's not a big deal and you were going to go have fun with or without her.

If you're rejected, and you will be often (and this is the part today's young men can't comprehend), simply move on. Find another chick. Eventually one you like will say yes.

You are right, but the real question is what impact will this have on society? Men who do not get to pass on their genes see no reason to contribute. One man one woman marriage has correlated to high standards of living and civilization because almost everyone gets something in return for participating in it. As of now at least 50% of young men have no reason to participate, to produce, to innovate, etc. They are simply leeches.

Its all mental, thats why you seen ugly guys with hot chicks all the time. Incels are just autists who freak out about everything. Formula to get laid: stay relaxed, have fun, and enjoy yourself, its pretty simple.

Yes you are right. All modern women want is fun, 24/7. And fun not as in "you're nice to be around and funny and make me laugh". They need constant stimulation for their instagram fueled social media lifestyle. An average man simply does not do it for them.
You do realize a good amount of men never even had a girl smile at them or flirt? You can't exactly approach women if you had 20-30 years without having ever getting important cues/signs.

Add "don't be short" to that and you're right. Women can overlook practically any flaw in a guy except height. If you're under 5'8" it's a deal breaker for the vast majority of them.

True if youre a little guy you have to make up by being funny, really smart, rich, or workout a bunch. but that can back fire because a jacked little guy is just screaming im compensating.