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>largest video game platform on earth
>have people
>people are racist
>platform is racist

Serious, unironic question: why do game companies, advertisers, websites actually LISTEN to the ADL and MSM journos when they say this shit? I mean, do they threaten them with "bad coverage"? Who the fuck even reads their articles anyway? Is it just a bunch of hyper boomers or what?

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We gotta pump those numbers up!

you forgot your memeflag, kike

It's not about words. It's about ultimate control of every possible outlet.

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This is just getting ridiculous.

Damn. I never save porn pics but holy shit. So long as I have a face, she's got a place to sit

They need total control of their chat programs to coordinate more false flags

kikes doing their thing

>overdodger calling anyone a kike

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Great piece of propaganda work, that picture
Resembles microscope imaging of infectious organisms like COVID-19, so the reader is subliminally suggested to link the idea of 'infectious disease' with the subject matter at hand ('white supremacy').
Subtle and simple, but effective. ADL has some master propagandists on their team

>Thinking they can stop Lord Gabe

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everyday i grow to hate jews even more.

Plenty of normies who don't know anything about the internet who eat this up
Journos make it sound like there are underground terrorist/neo nazi cells everywhere


>anti defamation league
>defames people

>Israel has people
>People are racist
>Israel is racist
ADL logic

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Steam nazis have all those friends but I don't have any at all

why can't we just live in peace

>the red dots are just friendships, nothing to do with extremeism

Do these fucks really want to take goddamn Rocket League from me

Are they honestly going to be surprised when they get rounded up and put into camps ?


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let them shut it down for some days so people hate the jews ez gg

is this because I keeping calling fags niggers on dota

You know (((why)))
Humanity will never begin on the path to true peace and unity until (((they))) are utterly eradicated

Sperm is white and racis, chop off your dick, naooow!

peace is fucking gay, it's the jewish endgame of global market, the muslim endgame of uniting in pedo worship and more
our goal should be an eternal state of war

thats a jewish man

>cuck wants a woman to sit on his face
>would allow this level of domination

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Lmao, how funny would it be if ADL were dead lmao

No, it's to ban people and police speech.
If steam threatens to ban you from your account because you said faggot or nigger in your messages then every single person would stop.
And what other option would steam have? Stick up for people being racist? That would be the worst PR disaster of the year.

Also, the ADL is just clickbait for leftists and jews to try and make the point that the ovens are one election away.

Latino woman. But just as sexy.

Umm, what is happening itt?

Thhhh. Thhhh. Why? Were there kettles saying nigger or sumthin? Thhh. Fuckkin homerun Chippa!

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I don’t know who’s Jewish who any more


Reality is unraveling. The memes are absolute.