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>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!

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>Pres Trump on Protecting America's Boomers 4/30/20
>Pres Trump meets w/NJ Gov Murphy 4/30/20
>VP Pence comments to reporters 4/30/20
>VP Pence visits GM &Ventec Life Sys Plant in Kokomo IN 4/30/20
>2ndLady Karen on F&F 4/30/20
>AgSec GrandpaSonny on FoxNews 4/30/20
>LabSec Scalia on CNBC 4/30/20
>ActDHSSec Wolf @Auburn University's McCrary Inst 4/30/20
>NECDir Kudlow on FoxNews 4/30/20
>WHSrAdviser Hassett outside WH 4/30/20
>WHSrAdviser Hassett on FoxNews 4/30/20
>PrinDepPressSec Gidley on JohnFredericksShow 4/30/20
>Bannon on CNBC 4/30/20
>Pentagon Press Brief (ArmySec McCarthy/Army Ldrs) 4/30/20
>Pentagon Press Brief (UndDefSec4A&S Lord) 4/30/20
>StateDeptVideo: 5G Networks &CCP 4/30/20
>WHVideo: AgSec GrandpaSonny: Pres Trump Loves Farmers 4/30/20

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hail god emperor trump!

remember that fedora is a faggot and he's a double faggot when he's hiding his flag


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When Trump goes full dictator, he should have a military march like this one

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>tfw you got to witness an early morning comfy trumppost and no one noticed

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>flies across the room and violently enters your intern’s cerebrum
How do you respond?

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w-why move in now?

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>hail god emperor trump!
MAGA & Trump's Space Force will cause Disclosure!
Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris - After the Gold Rush

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Flynn walks.

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CPRF is live, but you know who is talking.

Good, I want to know what that orange ball of light I once saw was

the fuck do you think, leafy? they know nothing can stop trump in the next election. that means the old spirit of european american defiance against nanny states is going to be cemented for at least the next generation. if they don't break everything right now and get communism, they never get it in their lifetimes, maybe ever. too bad the dumb cunts didn't jump on the plan 2 weeks earlier otherwise it may have even worked, shit

When Trump loses in November who will Trump blame first? You know Trump will not take responsibility for his own failures

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>t. occupydemocrat

It was just Drumpf flying over your house

>A U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Steadfast (WMEC 623) boarding team searches a suspected smuggling vessel interdicted by the crew while patrolling international waters of the Eastern Pacific Ocean resulting in 1,252 pounds of cocaine seized, worth an estimated $21.5 million, and three suspected smugglers detained, March 15, 2020.

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>missed it by 2 seconds
>missed digits of truth
o o f
how's that low energy feel

This one was comfier.

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>Good, I want to know what that orange ball of light I once saw was
There is a good chance it was one of the hottest chick who ever crossed your path.

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you have to be one serious big nigger just in order to receive 1200 lbs of any drug, let alone figure out a way to profit off of. this shit has some infrastructure behind it

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So Biden is appearing on Morning Joe today, right?

I guess the FBI is too scared to drop the case? Judge had already proven not to be a friend the FBI. When does stone get pardoned?

>CIA shut down the stream

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no i mean i think he was in the last thread doing a 1post.

Murderin' Joe when?

so what sort of firearm did that dentist use?

You have to be very powerful. Otherwise other dealers and random thugs will try to rob you or rip you off you have to be really scary to order that much and get away with it

I wouldn't be very shocked

black powder Colt

I got an advertisement for a new shake shack in town. So I called to place an order. When I asked about their kid's menu they said they didn't have one. The woman on the phone mentioned that they did have menu items for dogs though. This pissed me off so I asked her why they have menu items for dogs and not kids. She then told me how kids are bad for the environment or something. I asked her if she was a kike because that was the most jewish statement I ever heard. The bitch hung up. So I called back and said that my five children and wife would need free meals because we were undocumented migrants. When she said I was the racist that just called I said "No comprende, hebrew". Fuck Shake Shack.

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think about how many people have to be involved for those 3 smugglers to not immediately murder their way down to 1 very rich smuggler who's set for life. they say "i'll believe the government can keep a secret when i see it", but how could this be anything else. niggers aren't smart enough to network like this and stay hidden

so when hillery loses again in november will you send flowers?

I feel sorry for people who live in canada but then I remember that people who live in canada are canadian

by the reaction....i would believe that.