>he's still a Nazi
Get yourself a black friend and stop having a backwards ideology, Yas Forums. The Nazis lost; Neo-Nazis are just larpers. Stop being a racist freak, it's for your own well-being. Related video:

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any white man who marries a negress is incapable of long term thinking.
>muh dick
instead of
>muh progeny

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Thhhh. Thhhh. Neonazi? What is that, Hitler in the Matrix or sumthin? Thhh. Fuckkin homerun Chipper!

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When I lived in Ottawa there was Ethiopians running a pizza store. They were the truest niggas, one of them gave me free meat pie

Yet another non-stop series of memeflag spam threads

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They're just friends, they're not a couple.
It's anyone who believes he's a Nazi despite not living in Nazi Germany (because it was destroyed ages ago).

Did you do one of these for each "memeflag"? What a waste of time. Get your priorities straight, kid.

Let me take a look inside your matrix

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A black girl smiled at me and asked to use my phone today. She wanted white cock I could sense it. I said no and walked Away . Felt like a setup

Thhhh. Thhhh. Matrix? What is that, like trick you do in May or sumthin? Thhh. Fuckkin homerun Chipper!

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So. What's up with tattoos? Why did the normies fall for this?

None of my nigger friends have ever sweated me being a nazi. You don't live in the real world. You sound like a fucking dork.

>has black friends
You're probably the worst Nazi on Yas Forums.

Im a nazi and I fucked a black slut once
Meanwhile youre a virgin or worse, a faggot

All my friends are skinheads, so no thanks.

Heil Hitler
gas the kikes race war now

You're a neo-Nazi larper. Real Nazis are long gone, kid. You aren't even one hundredth of what they were. It's pure cringe. Especially when Americans do it.

Are there still skinheads? You mean football hoologans i guess.

Haven't seen a single skinhead, with the bomber, the boots etc, since decades. I was one myself.

I don't have any NAZI flags hanging, but after watching this, I think maybe I should put-up some smiley-face flags!

>just ignore these statistics that prove you aren't the devil incorperated and accept your demise

fuck off, niggers are dumber on average unless you have some prove of the opposite :)

You couldn't even compete in a race war faggot.
Too many cheetos and Mt dew, nigga you couldn't run farther than your piss bottle for a race.

This. Basically all of pol.
>>hurrrrr I'm a nazi, but I like to dress like a trap and really enjoy debauchery, na they'd get it and not just shoot me on sight cause I ain't worth the trip to the camps.

The only way I’d have a black friend is if she let me fuck her asshole


Black people orginated national socialism in Egypt. I see that you're too much of a bigot to give proper reverence. Probably learned the Marxist version of history. Hitler was very popular in Africa. Especially with the ladies.

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No, actual ones.
Some watch football sure, but it's not ultras.
I'm from asturias btw.
Not too common in Spain sure, but I heard there's plenty around Germany and eastern Europe.

Come the fuck on lol

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What are your priorities? Be a janny spamming bait threads to earn a few cents to stimulate traffic? Get a real job lol.

Ah ya veo amigo, a mi es que ya me coje viejo toda la escena, aunque de vez en cuando me pongo a los Cockney Rejects jejeje

Un saludo y Viva España!

they are clearly shouting "Hortler", you can tell.

Angry catalonian sppotted.

See, with the strong sun many south europeans we get tend. And back to white in winter ( like the bald guy, its the perfect example). We have the shape of face as south europeans, did you heard of the roman empire Jordi?

See a black albino per example. His skin is black but his features, shape of face etc, its black.

But you are just a lonely lefty catalonian, what can you do? Cry and faggottry.

preach brother

black albino with white skin i meant

just leaving this here

Those aren't skinheads, just random franquists. Skinheads have a very specific aesthetic, there's more to it than the ideology.

Si, los que conozco son todos de mi edad, 20 y pocos, pero por lo oigo de aqui y de unos alemanes que conozco que se esta volviendo cada vez mas popular el tema.

take us out erock


Race is science. But yea, we don’t have to be dicks about it.

Most blacks will have the opposite effect. What is "backwards" about caring for my people and wanting nations?

>like the bald guy, its the perfect example
The bald guy looks like the Untermensch in Nazi propaganda posters... lol ironic

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Shut the fuck up, you fucking faggot poof.

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Shut the fuck up, Vee.

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No, he dosen't look slavic.

In Mein Kampf Hitler puts the mediterraneans as master races, races that can CREATE, just after the germanics ( those were his ideas).

And the slavics, as NEUTRAL race, according to Mein Kampf, then its lower than germanics . Neutral race can copy but not create ( according to mein kampf again):

Then there are the DESTROYER races : blacks, jews...according to that theroy your poster mentioned.

But Jordi, illiterate faggot, you know nothing about the world.

never managed to have a black friend, i have jap, white and mutt friends, but blacks never share enough interests or characteristics to bond with me, they always seem to see me as some weird outsider, perhaps it's because i'm a very pale guy?
That and blacks are always into normie nigger shit which i can't fucking stand desu

You really think that guy has created shit in his life? Come on, Juan. Nazi larpers are so fucking naive.

Please, you are the one going about "getting a black friend".

I don't mind about this guy Jordi, im just showing you how illikterate bastard you are.

Ah saps una cosa ? Amunt Espanya!!!!!