Fact: while Keyboard commandos post in pol, every Jewish male must serve in the IDF

You can talk your anti Semite bullshit all day online, but these brave men walk the walk. Depite all the talk about muh master race, the Jewish people are stronger and more united than your fractured societies will ever be. You have nothing to hold you together, we have a unity you no longer understand.

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that's why Israel and America are the most based countries on earth

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Yeah cause Palestinian children are so hard to kill, great point Weinberg

Hezbollah wiped the floor with these pathetic losers hahahah

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They're small and quick.

>American Jews refuse to serve in the military
>orthodox Jews are exempted from service in Israel
>only non-practising Jews in Israel serve

So united.

I bet it took a lot of courage for you to type that. Now shut up and take some more of that Chinese dick your country is so good at swallowing.

Not like they fight their own wars, who cares?

There’s like a million of them living on 5 acres of sand. Just point in the general direction and open fire, you’ll hit something.

Kikes are actually terrible warriors desu.

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We out number them thanks to Hitler chad

Bro I did 5 whole years in the paratrooper brigade, went to Gaza in 2014, the whole 9 yards. Who the fuck cares, serving in the military doesn't turn you into a man.

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If I remember correctly jewish IDF shitposts on internet and shits in diapers when palestinian children throw a fuckin rocks at them

semites cannot into war, thats why they use their gay deception

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Pathetic. Try not being such a faggot next time.

You don’t know what the fuck you are talking about. Let me help you. I am an American who served in the USMC and IDF. A sizable percentage of the IDF is American. As for Orthodox Jews, most of the Jews in the IDF are orthodox dumbass. You are talking about the Haredi, who don’t serve, but do reproduce at rates that you can dream of judging by your,”can we save the white race” posts.


The day native Europeans actually start acting as a group is the day pig fly lol

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I literally don’t Fucking care Jewish subverting piece of trash

Courage? No of course not. Im not bombing Stone Age people with a 75 million dollar jet here, or hiding out behind 8 feet of reinforced concrete wall whilst ambushing illiterate subsistence farmers. That’s the sort of action that requires true courage and strength at heart.

Isreal is a vulture feasting on the dying corpse of the United States and you lack the functional intelligence to even understand why faggot

> doesn’t understand the irony of his own response.

Bravo fucktard,

someone post the exploding flag video. dumb israelis

>serving in the military doesn't turn you into a man
This. We have mandatory service too only cucks and shitskins make it today all the others try to avoid it

>A sizable percentage of the IDF is American
all americans are kike soldiers. imagine dying for a bunch of satanic losers lel

Wrong again dipshit. aljazeera.com/news/2020/02/australian-special-forces-probed-alleged-afghan-war-crimes-200225072145247.html

Australian special forces probed for alleged Afghan war crimes

Your own fucking bible calls us the chosen people. I didn’t write the Torah nor your New Testament. Sounds like you have an identity problem.

Ah yes. A conservacuck. Thinking that Israel and the United States go hand in hand, that an insult against Israel is an insult against the United States. Let me tell you something that might shock you. I'm white, I love my country the USA, more than you ever will, and I say fuck both Israel and chink land.

You know why I love my country more than you do? Because if I ever have to die or bleed for it it would be the actual sacrifice of a man and not some worthless ignorant cuck boy sacrifice like your life sacrifice would be.

Can you even name one thing Israel has done for the United States or does your thinking not go that far?

Why don't you research the USS liberty and see an example of what the US Isreal relationship is really like, you NPC faggot bitch.

You guys are pathetic.
Also don't come here anymore, your tourists are so obnoxious even blue pill normies are waking up.

>but these brave men walk the walk.

don't they fight wars against people armed with literal rocks?

Israel is a complete and total pawn of the American military industrial complex. they just happen to benefit from us

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A friend of mine from Zurich served with me in the IDF after his service in Switzerland. Despite the Bally shoes and shit cologne, I can promise you he is more of a man than you keyboard warrior.


Revelation 3:9 be wary of those who say they are jews but are in fact not. They are the synagogue of satan.

You are not God's chosen people. You are a caananite desert tribe of impostors. Your people have seized control of the goyim (look up what that word means anyone reading this) and changed our historical texts and laws to falsely make us support you.

Christians are God's chosen people not "jews". Jews are the synagogue of Satan and denied christ.

>Yeah cause Palestinian children are so hard to kill
Yes they actually are, you fucking Emu LARPer. You can't kill a single Pallie without the U.N. throwing an autistic rage fit - it makes our job a hell of a lot more difficult with all these "human rights" memes. Literally the only reason Gaza hasn't been carpet bombed out of existence is because it'd cut off our gibs because "muh innocent sandniggers you can't just kill these peaceful mudslimes its illegal". We get Jewed by our on laws, man.

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Holy shit, I think there are black Israelites posting on pol. Bravo fucktard.


Oh hey, is this the faggot thread? Oh, thank Dumbledore. Holy shit, I have been just dying to be a gigantic faggot somewhere, and this looks like just the place to do it. Like heckin wowsers, you don't know how hard it is to be a faggot in this day and age. Then again, maybe you do - Only talking respect here my guy.

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My colon hasn't been the same since I tried this new ethnocock cleanse, the revulsion my neighbors felt was so validating. I almost became an enbie. It's so freeing being able to share this Marxification openly, I almost didn't consume feces today but this has given me the non-threatening in-strong to do it and share it on my insta story. Thank you. Thank you for making such a faggot thread. Voldemort himself couldn't kill the faggot energy this thread exudes, and we need it. This is the thread that LIVED, sister. The thread that LIVED, can I get a snap to that?

I am so glad. I was looking for the faggot thread, and now I've found it. I cannot wait to make myself home. :) Thank you, OP. Thank you for this stinky kike fucking dipshit animal-brained faggot thread.

Thats where you fucked up. Your whole religion carries this chosen people complex and it allows you, no, encourages you to treat others as subhuman. This is why noone likes you.

Sure what ever makes you sleep at night lmfao