How did he become so popular?

He's getting more views than Ben shapiro + TYT combined.
He keep saying he's a democrat yet most of his audience are conservatives.

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Ben outed himself as a Zionist and probably redpilled thousands on the Jewish problem.
TYT are literal retards.
Leftist notices that Democrats deserve to be nailed to crosses along major highways, everyone loves him. I fucking wonder why, kike.

He's a glownigger shill. Part of the "new media" neocon for younger generation.

literally who? You dumb niggers always make dumb threads about he/she and never state who he/she is.

>twitter checkmark
>moderate liberal
>pandering to both sides
oh geez dunno

All his competition is getting deleted off Youtube and he will probably be deleted with Crowder come November.

He played ball with Rogaine when they 'interviewed' Dorsey from twitter and his brown woman bully squad.

good Crowder only debates college babies, if he debated anyone outside that demographic he would crumble.

>He keep saying he's a democrat yet most of his audience are conservatives.
Because he has a following of retards who think they're in the middle but are right and they aren't looking for policy discussion but instead some retarded "oh look at this twitter user/jorno saying about X" like Sargon the dumbfuck "i m a liberal" Akkad. It sells to low IQ individuals.

This little cunt is truly awful, the whole thing is basically him in his basement with his weird looking buddy reading headlines from thedaily mail and complaining about CNN, thick as pigshit too.

Future president?

This. This is the one and only answer. They have deleted and banned pretty much all conservative/alternative content creators.

But I installed youtube vanced a few months back so youtube gets no money from me, nor does Tim Pool. He's ok, but if I wanted I can read headlines all by myself, which is all he really does.

How did a baldcel like him do it

Not a single person in this thread is questioning where this faggot OP is from. I'm disappointed.

Sorry sweaty but the right is the new left and the far-right is the new center. Better hide your jewish friends.

His lucky beanie

Covering his balding noggin

literally who?

Its the Beanie... you can't fight it.

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Fuck off pretty boy


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He does a good job of bringing attention to the relevant news of the day.
I disagree with many of his takes and opinions, but I appreciate that he does not forcibly shove them down his audience's throat like all the other political e-celebs.

Because he became shit and shit is popular on youtube.
It's really sad how he went from actually going places, reporting on events, and interviewing people; to sitting in his house and reading boring opinion pieces on irrelevant shit and giving his own opinions on it, giving the impression that he's just swimming in a giant pool of piss with the rest of the political youtubers.

>Ben outed himself as a Zionist


>Jewish problem
you're trying too hard

No one cared who he was, until he put on the beanie.

He blurts out a bunch of bullshit and people on youtube love consuming shit.

Also, if you just want the relevant information, you can get everything important from the first couple of minutes of his videos and skip the rest.

>Most of his audience are conservative
Thhhh. Thhhh. You mean jams like him or sumthin? Thhh. Fuckkin homerun Chipper!

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He takes 20 minutes to say something 2 minutes long. He reiterates himself often with needless analagys about how much of a bad ass he was. He often takes sides on issues as "a person of mixed race"

6/10. Good for the normies and his increasing frustration at clown world is sometimes entertaining, but too long winded and surface level.

it's complicated

If Tim Pool is center left, who is the equivalent on the right?

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>who is the equivalent on the right?
Tim Pool

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based and beaniepilled

He's a BernieOut that makes a living gaslighting leftist media. Can't blame him for cashing out on MIGAtards eating his basic bitch article commentary up.

havent watched this cunt in months, theres only so many "omg guys the msm said something, this is proof theyre dying!!" vids i can stomach.

and still if I go on my yt homepage now there'll be at least 5 of his vids, and at least 4 of them will start with him complaining that yt is suppressing his vids.