How do we stop him?

How do we stop him?

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KYS and your family

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lots and lots of cum

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We don't. We work for him since his eugenics program will get rid of shitskins.

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>Successful White man.
>Builds most influential corporation in the world.
>Decides to donate all of his billions to charity. >Dedicates the rest of his life towards lowering birthrates in Africa.

Why did (((they))) turn their shills against him over the last couple weeks?

Just take the chip and collect neetbux for watching the fucking tv


Ricin pellet, works every time most of the time. Really ricin could fix most of life's problems, and you can even grow it in your backyard!!!! Why not plant a victory garden asap and start the race war?

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Hey now you better not poison in war
That would be savage and barbaric :)

destroy his logic box with my massive throbbing serpent of chaos

Bill Gates is an incredible person and an inspiration to all.

Why would we want to stop him lol?

If anything we should accelerate the vision he has. Overpopulation is indeed a problem and needs to be curbed one way or another (ideally the most humane way).

The better question to ask was how do we tag white nationalists for future identification and prosecution. Though that question has already been answered and will be implemented soon enough.

Gates 4 Life
Globalism 4 Life

Tribalist monkeys (white nationalists) will cry but they though know its inevitable

growing ricin is based, very attractive and fast growing plants

you can not change what God has set in motion. This is all leading to Armageddon.

Mother and dad Jewish to the core as they are, changed their names. 100% percent jewish. Amd his father was really close with the rockefellers. He is just the front of another jewish suprmacy shit he didmt even did windows.


how can I order 10 vaccinees so that I can go on vacation this summer?

Fucking spoiled retards who have never suffered because of preventable illness.

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prepare people to refuse the vaccine and the chip by opening their eyes, and refuse them when the time comes
at the same time advocate the opposite of what gates is pushing, e.g. autonomy, privacy rights, etc.

we don‘t.
the virus is a real threat and we need a cure really fast. i dont understand how you can be so relaxed and endanger so many peoples lifes, especially of elders who have build your future and of innocent children.

> How do we stop him?

just get him to read this.

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Resurrect Steve Jobs.

We don't. He's too intelligent.

The best you can hope for is that enough anti-vaxxers rock the boat long enough for him to die.

Also this

summerfags all up in this bitch
>proof because this should have been first reply

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die ignorant piece of shit traitor to humanity

>ITT Gate's shill circle jerk

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Use Linux

step 1 take your meds

bill gates has killed more muslim than Yas Forums ever will. I'm not saying i agree i'm just saying those are the facts

He's looks like simulated AI

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Israelis internet defense force, everybody. Say hi to them.

we don't. microsoft and vaccination is based.

>everyone who doesnt believe my whacky conspiracy theory is some kind of state agent

Shut up retard

Post nose and sloped forehead

This poster is being paid to (laughably) attempt to control the narrative of discourse. Tell your supervisor that I like her cellulite.