Anyone else stopped caring about the virus?

I used to go out with a nose/mouth covering and gloves. Now I go out just like normal. I'm tired of living in fear. The chance that I would die if I caught it is close to zero. I really don't care anymore, do you?

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You go out with grasshopper legs and fly wings stuck in your teeth?

I even stayed at home a bit around month ago, but when they introduced the house exit permits, I finally got that it's a hoax.

When normies started to care I just embraced the is just the flu bro crowd

I just wanted 200million to die. It won't even reach 1million it's just boring at this point

I don't care, I just want bars to open again
i'm sure I had it anyway and got better

Can somebody post the link of the video?

Can't find it anymore

I live near NYC. I know people who work in the medical field.

All I can tell you is, the death counts are MASSIVELY, and I mean MASSIVELY overestimated. They are literally taking people who die from blunt trauma in car accidents, and labelling them as corona.

The virus isn't a complete hoax, but it's no worse than the flu. Even safer. Nobody that I know, out of all my facebook friends and contacts has died. Nor have any of them posted about anyone who's died. And I'm from NY. It's a fucking nothingburger.

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Got sick in mid February. There's still no medicine, so I'll keep eating garlic until it's gone. Still waiting.

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>I'm tired of living in fear
Thats how I know your post is not sincere. No one on this board is scared of the shit normies are. we laugh and joke and buy all the prep gear but we are having a good time. we know this virus scares the npcs and they should be because it is a chinese bioweapon but it doesnt scare us. We are in it for the laughs. Remember happenings.

Fact. They’re labeling people who die from heart attacks as covid so the hospital gets more money

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>we laugh and joke and buy all the prep gear
>We are in it for the laughs
I think this post is a candidate to be discarded.

I do, even if it means nothing to me (if I catch it), I have to be careful for my mom, dad, and my grandmother who lives with us.
You gotta think about your family user.

Please dont take yourself so serious keyboard warrior 660666666601.


Cringe all you want nigger I’m right. Have a laugh

I never cared.
Knew it was hoax all along.
As for the silly twats in gloves and masks..its over kiddies. Its May. The flu season ended in March.

If you are young (say 35 or younger) you should not be afraid. It would be a terrible death if it happened but is unlikely.

But you might pass it on to someone old you know and you would be partially responsible for their death.

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If i die, good, if i live, kinda maybe good. Either way its good.

>no one is scared
what percentage of this board is obese?

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>In it for laughs
Based and funpilled

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You don't? Pleb non-fishmonger

>Tired of living in fear
Thhhh. Thhhh. Maybe you should move somewhere else or sumthin? Thhh.

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It's actually illegal to not wear a mask here.
You get one warning then you get put in the camp.

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Yeah it's really fucking obvious who's here to shill and push a narrative and who's actually here to shitpost and read the news.

why dont you source that claim

anyone has that chinese phrase that usually is on Chinese threads?

I live near NYC. I know people who work in the medical field.

All I can tell you is, the death counts are MASSIVELY, and I mean MASSIVELY underestimated. Nothingburgers are just gullible idiots who will believe anything the msm tells them.

I read up on stats in general and the lies surrounding it. If the virus is real, most shitty masks and homemade stuff is useless. You would need to disinfect everything all the time, throw away gloves masks etc. And generally people go to supermarkets, touch stuff, stand near one another. Near impossible to evade it, absolutely retarded. Now here in Budapest you can only go to a shop wearing a mask. I fucking hate it, especially that all these normies eat it up like we are in grave danger and all gonna die. Jesus the general populace is absolutely fucking retarded.

He can't, because he's a shill.

I never feared it.
I could die every fucking day out of sheer chance - why worry about it?

>The earth has become small, and on it hops the Last Man, who makes everything small. His species is ineradicable as the flea; the Last Man lives longest.

Here's my towns lovely concentration camp for nothingburgers :D I love it best timeline.

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>I always do the opposite of what le normies do

You're pretty fuckin radical kid! Wish I was cool like you