The niggers are at it again

the most fragile creatures on earth, also known as black "people", are chimping out over some guy saying nigger... AGAIN

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The only time I would be a part of a personal army. I’ve been seeing so many white kids go down for saying a racist word.

>I’ve been seeing so many white kids go down for saying a racist word.
good. it means more of them are waking up. and if these kikes keep at it, eventually nobody will care anymore. i still dont understand how schools/unis can kick someone out for shit they do outside of school? thats unfathomable to me, unheard of when i was a youngster.

bump. fuck these basedboy nigger mobs.

A day without calling people niggers is like a day without sunshine . It's even better if you call niggers niggers.


>The school responded to the tweet
>The kid is probably going to have his future ruined all because he said the “no no word” and some negros chimped out over it online

It’s all so tiresome bros, feeling blackpilled af lately and this just amplified it.

why get involved verbally with niggers in the first place,i never feel sorry for this retards they should know by now how niggers will react

Niggers will design their own demise, their actions will condemn them to a banana boat back to their mud huts in Africa. Let them blindly turn every ally they ever accrued against themselves. Never interrupt an enemy mid-mistake. They're creating the imaginary monsters they fear

the needs of the nigger are endless

>you know what to do
Are niggers just 2007 Yas Forums?

maybe these white "kids" should figure out why they need to humiliate other people who are total strangers -- is it family issues, or just personal failings in the context of a weak sense of identity and accomplishment

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Matriarchal Society (raised by single mothers)
Bisexual Men Society (lgbtP+) (Lie about being Homo, messed up AIDS reporting in 80s and 90s)
Narcotic (NA) Society
Gambling Problem Society
Obese Society
Welfare Food Stamps Society (free lunch at school also)
Any more without mentioning Criminal Society?

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We might have another Dylann Roof on our hands here

How is this not outright doxing?

It's all so tiresome.. Why can't people just not post dumb shit with their picture and (user)name.

lmao I'm a whitexican and when I went to NYC I got an ez n-word pass just by showing my Mexican ID. It was almost as if they allowed me to do it just to taunt the white people around.

Kek I'm like five minutes away from there

That is a Jew and nobody will do shit to him.

Wow great story Jose - too bad you’re still beaner scum huh? Bummer I know. Now go back to Mexico bye bye

School and work don't matter any more
join your local Klan and lynch niggers

>unironically using social media
>doxxing themselves on it
>saying shit like that
based and retard-chadpilled

On s’en moque, Jorge.

Fuck niggers btw.

If people stopped using social media, and left it to the fools and mongrels, the only people they would hurt would be themselves. The rest of us would go on with our lives and think nothing of it.

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niggers are niggers whether they are called niggers or not. can't see what the problem is

I'm already in Mexico, reeeetard. Wealthy Mexicans don't care about your kike marxist utopia. Don't be so upset that my nationality allows me to say a word in public without having my life ruined.

It just needs an accellerationism campaign where even marginal words are targeted. I'd do it but busted my wrist in the meme wars of '15 / '16

The University of Alabama student ethnicity:
> 1.2% Asian
> 10.2% Black/African-American
> 4.8% Hispanic/Latino
> 3.2% Multi-race (not Hispanic/Latino)
> 79.8% White

I'm surprised whites weren't higher

>135 lbs

manlet issues

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>. i still dont understand how schools/unis can kick someone out for shit they do outside of school?
if its a public school they shouldn't be able to do anything because 1st amendment, even if he says this in the class. In the case that the school is private and they kick you out because you said something in private they should pay the money back.
Just my opinion but suing a school costs a lot of money and that is probably why they get away with it.

doxing lefty feminists is against twitter rules.
doxing heterosexual white males was never punished.