We should be grateful to Stalin

you can always hear humanists and liberals saying that Stalin is a massmurderer, a genocidal maniac and many other CIA talking points. None of them can deny that if the Soviet Union did not become the industrial supwerpower that it did under Stalin, the Nazis would have won the war. This doublethink is another prime example of how western liberals disregard the Soviet Union, even though it is the only reason they were not shot in the back of the head as degenerates.

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You must be lost

May the 1st
Praise Stalin

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I hope you have a great day on the holiday of the workers comrade!

Know your shit retard - get educated by watching this: bitchute.com/video/QXlBpBh7cxtE/

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u2 comrade

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Here is a literal quote from the leader of the Russian fascist party

>I issued a call for an unknown leader, ... capable of overturning the Jewish government and creating a new Russia. I failed to see that, by the will of fate, of his own genius, and of millions of toilers, Comrade J.V. Stalin, the leader of the peoples, had become this unknown leader.

It was an eye for an eye, we made sure that you repayed for all the slaughter and destruction you brought against our Union.

Even Stalin's children hated him. He was a devil and can burn in hell.

the amounts of historical fabrications here is staggering. Beria was a Mingrelian and had no Jewish blood, of course a country with hundreds of ethnic groups including Jews was going to have Jews in its organization. Stalin removed any and all people, including Jews, that posed a risk to the sovernigty of the Union.

Stalin should've been decapitated by Hitler himself. He caused White Genocide because Stalin was a jewish Terrorist. Communism is Zionism. You are a Zionist's retarded bitch, or a Kike jew yourself pretending to be an Arab.

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>None of them can deny that if the Soviet Union did not become the industrial supwerpower that it did under Stalin, the Nazis would have won the war
Wait, so why should we be grateful to Stalin?

Sadly he had little time for family. This happaned to many of the great men in politics as well. This should not diminish his achievments for the whole country though

Ala ne var ne yox oralarda?

American education in action, i am not an Arab and neither is my country. Stalins actions killed less white people than Hitlers whole war, which caused the deaths of millions British, American, German and Soviet men and women.

İqtisadiyyat dağılır, işsizlik qalxır və dövlət dağılır. İşçilər günü üçün ideal bir vəziyyət.

Millet neynen dolanir?
How does the azeri population come by?

Well the government gives us a 120 dollars a month. the budget is empty and so they cant survive

You are not an Arab, you're some weird mutt of Persian, Turk, and Caucasian. Even more of a mutt than my peoples are, and that's saying something

He stole the idea of mass industrialisation from Trotsky. So yeah, it would have happened either way I'm sorry tankie.

Trotsky did not belive in a strong central state, but local communes instead, which would not be willing to do what was neccassry to create brand new cities. the idea of industrialisation is a core part of Marxism, no one stole it from anyone else, all Soviet leaders knew that the end result would be an industrial state, the only question was when.

>We should be grateful to Stalin?
Thhhh. Thhhh. Stal in what? Stal in Russia or sumthin? Thhh. Fuckkin homerun Chipper!

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Anyone else seen this?


>120 dollars a month

how far does that go?

>the Nazis would have won the war.

So what you're saying is Stalin prevented us from achieving utopia?

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Enough for one person to survive the month with rice and beer.

Maybe some diary and meat instead?

Why is your country poor and mine isn't? We both live on natural resource wells.

Becuase oil (and other resources) reduce incentives to develop other parts of your county and also make it easy to become corrupt and not care about your people. This was not as big of a problem before we became independent, since the oil went to Moscow anyway and we had little use of it. You know better than me that Australia is a completly diffrent story that cannot be compared. You can buy a kilo and a half of meat with that money at best, unless you eat nothing but meat.