What's more effective, a noose or a bullet aimed directly at the frontal lobe with a slight downward tilt?

What's more effective, a noose or a bullet aimed directly at the frontal lobe with a slight downward tilt?

Is the helium bag a painless way to go, or is an overdose of a barbiturate a softer landing?

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Don’t kill yourself. Better to die in glorious combat fighting for your freedom from this zog simulation cage than to let them win.


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Actually it is better to shoot at the back of the cranium with an upward tilt

Anyone who kills them self instead of going on a spree is a fucking pussy. So many targets whose lives you could of ended, and you end only yours because you feel sad. I should kick the hell out of you. Maybe it'll push you over the edge and you'll actually do it. It'd be everything you deserve either way.

Doubles = livestream.
Triples = user will be blessed with contenment and freedom from self.

Spoopy. Sorry user. At least you'll be free all this.

your the fat imam fondling little girls and encouraging young boys to strap on suicide vests while you collect donations from their mother and father. little in this world is more shameful than faggots like you

I see, because it will penetrate the limbic system, the cerebrum and cerebellum, the parts of the brain necessary for breathing and other vital functions. Of course.

Damn... Praise all knowing kek

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Look you fucking idiot - this isn't /pol shit...
...but I genuinely don't want you to fucking kill yourself, plus I'm drunk and kinda blown up right now... So I am deathly curious what could be so fuckin sour in your life that you want to do that

what the fuck is with these edgelords? Like yea I agree it would be great to murder some of the fuckers that are shitting up the world but whats that really gonna do in the long run? Ooooh three or four kikes/niggers/trannies/whoever you think "they" are got blown up. Great. Now they have more ammo to use to make the media shit up the world even more by calling people who don't agree with globo homo terrorists, you just accomplished more for their cause than those three or four shitlings you killed wouldve accomplished had they lived. Real good job. Wake up and realized we're fucked from every angle and no amount of boogaloo is gonna fix it

And to answer your question op, from what Ive read inert gas asphyxia is a chill way to go. Don't use helium though because its dilluted with oxygen these days to prevent suicide. Try and find somewhere that sells industrial use argon or nitrogen, those are both inert gases thatll do the trick

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suicide is for faggots

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Anyone who uses the word 'cranium' in conjunction with 'actually' is probably a Dungeons & Dragons geek.

Offended. As a DnD geek, I prefer "domepiece"

They won't hold any parades or lament your passing, in one week you will be forgotten and life goes on. I would rather hang around until my time comes and be a major pain in the ass.

Bullets aren’t real newfag

What else would you call the part of the skull that is not the mandible?

This is honestly a huge redpill I ate MANY fuckin edgy years ago (I turn 40 next month).

Back then, If I an-heroed, there'd be like 2 (max) people who actually gave any kind of fuck - and it would be the one-or-two that it would hurt the most. EVERYONE ELSE would go through some social motions about it but by next tuesday it would be nothing.

...which means

WE ARE NOTHING, except to VERY FEW PEOPLE. Those are the only people it affects in any tangible way, and it affects them hard as shit... and they are the least deserving.

Fuck that - make other people miserable. Way more rewarding.

I like cabbage

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People who uses "Anyone" to make broad generalizations usually breathe and blink at will

If it's the front, between the eyes and teeth, the Maxilla

Imagine a world where you make a mistake, you aim a little bit wrong, your body has weird things that it can and cant live through, different tolerances chemically and different densities physiologically.

Your bullet hits the wrong spot.
Your drugs bring you far, but not far enough.
You start to die- then somebody saves you.

Congratulations, now you're literally a disabled retard without the ability to kill themself. Now all you can do is scream eternally in a quadrapeligic state or half-coma. Seriously, suicide is dumb and if you survive your gonna be a vegetable or a tard and wish someone could hear you scream.


But you really can't scream - no one hears you. In fact, no one even realizes you've had a change of emotional state - your stupid vegetative expression remains stupid and vegetative, though subjectively, you are in existential HORROR. You thought you wanted to die before... NOW ITS YOUR ONE DRIVING PASSION... but you lack any sense of agency to do it now... in fact, you lack any sense of agency to even communicate your wanting to die.
I'm not religious, but even for a heretic like me, kinda sounds like hell.

Can anyone explain how it's possible to survive a buckshot to the back of the head?

Unless you're an orthopedic brain-case surgeon, just use the blanket term 'skull' like a regular person.

The most life-vital parts of the brain are typically the cerebellum/brainstem, medulla, pons, all that shit - it's at the base of your skull - almost more spine than brain.

the posterior of your head contains higher-function regions of the cerebrum, such as the occipital lobe.... blow that off and it could kill you, or it could just make you blind, comatose, or in a weird state of constant visual hallucination... don't fucking shoot yourself in the head.

>Fuck that - make other people miserable.
A pure and beautiful soul over here....

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before you do it you should at least try all the easy things you might not be doing like exercise, meditation, proper diet, sleeping properly, and less bad habits for like a month. just one month. see how you feel after.

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Glow harder faggot

Based concern poster. I always do this when I’m drunk in Yas Forums. God bless.


This. I saw someone blow his head clean off. That’s not how you want to end your story