Name ONE of her policies you disagree with

Name ONE of her policies you disagree with.

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All fields, friends

all of them except pic related

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i agree with all her economic policies. fuck billionaires

she's a spic

She thinks women shouldn't be considered property.


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Her policy of not letting me suck on those spicy knockers.

Her policy of staying in this country.


Her not fucking me while I whimper and say "I love you mommy" policy.

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>Thinking politics is about policies
I'd hate fuck this bitch so bad

What is up with this completely oblivious lack of self awareness lately? They're going full retard more & more, satirizing themselves.

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Renewal energy is dumb, we need nuclear energy

i disagree with her policy of not letting me motorboat her every day

Her horse face and will to let horse faces immigrate.

Green New Deal.

It isn’t a deal, isn’t even a plan, and is just a way to get more faggots reliant on the government.

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the policy of not keeping me on a leash foreverially tied up and groveling before her and pissing and shitting on me and mocking my small mutilated and foreverially keratinized white cock

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The Green New Deal, defund ICE, and open borders.

AOC is a jew that’s literally descended from the jews expelled in 1492 from Spain who then kick-started the North American slave trade.
>“One of the things that we discovered about ourselves is that a very, very long time ago, generations and generations ago, my family consisted of Sephardic Jews,” Ocasio-Cortez said. These are Jews who settled in the Middle East, North Africa and southern Europe after the Jewish diaspora. They were expelled from Spain in 1492.

The slave trade was a jewish enterprise. Jews push slavery myths to cover-up for themselves and to D&C the populace.
>711 AD - Jews help Moors take over Iberia
>711-1400 - Jews run all the vice in the Mediterranean, including the slave trade and even child slavery
>1492 - the year Jews were finally expelled from Spain
>1492 - the year Columbus discovers America
>1492 - the beginning of the rise of the Atlantic slave trade
>most of the Spanish merchants, traders and explorers were jews evading the inquisition

The slave trade, cotton plantations and sugar plantations etc. were utterly run by jews. See this thread for the full facts:

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Thhh. Thhhh. Name one of her policies? Thhhh. What is she, a policy chief or sumthin? Thhh. Fuckkin homerun Chipper!

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HEHEH The one where she doesn't show me dem big 'ol titties; up boats if you cry every tiem

Open borders

>I can't name one of her policies

I watched them shut down Indian Point Unit 2 forever tonight. They tripped it offline right after the 2300 hour bids were done.
She went quietly and calmly surrounded by her friends and operators. She is survived by Unit 3, slated for decommissioning next April.

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almost forgot that sage goes in the options field in slide threads

Sage and move on, frens

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She refuses to swallow my warm load op

Dated her back in her bartending days. Unacceptable

Flooding the country with undesirables

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She refuses to swallow user

Pic related

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i don't know too much about her policies but i disagree with anti nuclear policies, reparations, immigration, not deporting illegal immigrants and not abolishing the electorial college. I'm pretty sure she disagrees with my positions on above mentioned policies.

Open borders
The rest is good

Omg i love her