Redpill me on National Socialism

Redpill me on National Socialism

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>fold lines still on flag
A jew

Read Mein Kampf and 200 Years Together and come back with your findings.

I'll check it out. Thanks. Isn't there a specific copy that is not "translated" by jews with false translations? Do you know which version I should get a copy of?

>Do you know which version I should get a copy of?
The one that's in your language

This stupid bitch is a screeching fucking nutjob. Can't get along with anybody.


I've seen a few pics of here she looks pretty cool and is National Socialist so I'm cool with her. Are you jewish or something like that? I know not all jews are bad, but there's just something about you guys that nobody likes. You can't blame others because your race is full of so much scum, it makes you sound like jew scum yourself. Go back to Israel

But the jewish enemies have a lot of mistranslations of Mein Kampf. Should I get a mistranslated copy edited and "translated" by Kike-jews or is there a NSDAP-approved copy I should get a copy of?

Her husband's a cuck and she burned the coal
The only thing childless women do in a movement is cause infighting and chaos

Then learn German

Ford or Stalag translation. 200 Years Together translation is already good.

It's an ideology that died in 1945 because Hitler did everything he could to stack the odds again himself and his allies.

One has to respect the fact that Nazis weren't pussies, and were very good at war (though not good enough), but being socialist is for fags. So GTFO

She infights with literally everyone. If she isn't a paid d&c shill I'd be floored. You can have your criticisms of others, but the way she behaves is just ridiculous.

Hitler is blamed for the failures, but it was the socialism that killed off national socialism. His subordinates kept lying to him, like saying they can take on Russians, no problem, even though half the troops had already frozen to death. Socialism is for retards, and Nazi met the fate of retards: being taken over by people who are slightly less retarded

I thought the Murphy translation was the one to go for ...

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You have a tiny brain, the size of a pea. Please commit suicide or severe your internet connection so this site will not be burdened with your severe, down syndrome like retardation.

Are you one of those retards who thinks Nazis weren't socialist? Inbred, uneducated gullible idiots, even on Yas Forums. Your infestation has gone on for too long.

Natsoc is based
Read the lightning and the sun first , to understand the role of natsoc in our time cycle , and the role of the fuhrer , and then read siege

>(though not good enough)

One country vs the rest of the world.
They were tough guys.

"They were tough guys." Can't deny that. But they put all their eggs in one basket, and that basket was a drug addict of a "leader" who couldn't think properly during most of the war

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There is one other option for you, though the other two are likely preferable to your troglodyte temperament, you could read a book. I understand it will be difficult for you as you will cover the pages in drool, but you might not be a pant shitting moron if you do.

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>Can't get along with anybody.
Woman. You could have just said woman.

it was a race agianst time. they had to reach and stop the communist arms production before it was to late.

Except Stalin and Hitler almost entered into a permanent alliance, Hitler just denied Russian claims to the Dardanelles, an area neither he nor Mussolini wanted.

It's kinda like authoritarian SocDem without being a globalist cuck. Jews hate it because they can't undermine the primary ethnic group, import foreigners, or own large banks or other industries.


They could have brought their troops back. It's better to lose Russia to the Russians and keep your soldiers alive, than to lose Russia to Russians and have your troops die as well. Bad calculations.

listen here you fucker, I fuck your inbred mother's bob and vegene and make a child that's not a complete retard like you

>authoritarian SocDem
That's just Huey Long, not fascism at all.

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seethe little retard, seethe


>but being socialist is for fags
Based superpower.

Why don't go shoot up your inbred sister/love of your life?


She honestly looks so Jewish
I see girls like that every day

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