I've been lurking for 5 years and I've never wanted to ask but fuck it. How are you guys getting those special flags like the nazi flag and the anarchist flag?

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You have to buy a Yas Forums gold account

All you have to do is not be a giant faggot. That counts you out OP


I've went to Germany to get one

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Don't use meme flags

Buy the most expensive VPN on the planett and join Gun owners of america

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Live in Israel

What’s it like being 5’ 4”?

You mean to say you have been lurking since before flags were a permanent thing and you still don't know?

Fuck off back to plebbit smooth brain.

If you donate 50 to the GOA I will tell the secret

>newfag doesnt know meme flags have been around longer than muh country flags
come back when (((you))) learn how to integrate into chan culture.

Once you make 10 000 posts, he webside compounds them and calculates your ideology, assigning you the closest flag.

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suck off the reddit admins

Idk it’s all ip based

>Why yes, I am boomer. How could you tell?

How does one know if you're using a "memeflag" though? I used to rock the European flag when I was trying to larp as a Yuropoor but got called out quickly. But what if I actually was from Yurop and had the Yuropoor flag. How could one tell?

Beat me to it.

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It's good man. I love to be top of the world and tower over plebs. Wbu?

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This but unironically

im fucking retarded. thank you user

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Gotta say, this bait isn't bad. Boomer slide thread instead of the usual BBC or (((Q))) threads

It's prolly because you used "y'all" when larping as a Bript.

This is true, I posted a bunch of leftist stonetoss edits, here I am.

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my girl

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do u guys ever feel weird jacking off with ur pets in the room?

No, my cat is a semen-demon.

You need a Yas Forums Gold account

It's better to use your nation's flag when you argue politics with someone

gonna need Yas Forums gold for that

if you for whatever reason you have the europe flag assigned by 4chins, not as chosen memeflag, we will know, faggot

Specify your credit card information.


say something someone does not like and the discussion will be immediately about your country and not your argument.
memeflags are good
that being said, go die for israel, mutt

o so this wasn't bait

damn, well glad that atleast 1 (traiterous) user could help you